Replacing the dishwasher

We have officially been living in Colorado for 4 months now! We have made so many friends here and have integrated so well within the community that I feel like we’ve lived here for years. Also, we’ve officially been on the mountain snow boarding 8 times so far. We couldn’t be happier living in the beautiful state of Colorado.

I could be happier about my dishwasher situation though… I’ll be honest, I’m not in love with this kitchen. I left an amazing custom kitchen in Texas that I just finished and now am back to a basic kitchen with several broken cabinets and some seriously questionable appliances.

Out of all 150 “before” pics I took of the new house, I literally have zero from this vantage point, so this picture will have to do. Welcome to our real life. It doesn’t get more real than this!

You can see the dishwasher the house came with, plus cute Kinsey baking us some treats (that girl loves to bake! Watch a video of her teaching how to make Candy Rice Krispie Sushi here!).

Eventually we are going to gut the kitchen and start completely over like we did in our last house, but not for awhile. I can tolerate some annoying things, but a dishwasher that has a heavy door that SLAMS open and practically takes your leg off in the process, and one that only half washes dishes isn’t one of them.

So we decided we would buy our dream dishwasher, install it now, and when we renovate we will just keep the new dishwasher and put it back in the new kitchen. It’s a win/win. I get a new dishwasher and I get it now! 🙂 I started by removing the old dishwasher…

We stuck it in our garage and I will eventually take it down to the appliance recycle place.

We replaced it with this amazing beauty:

It’s the Bosch 24″ Bar Handle Dishwasher. Yes, the same dishwasher I bought for our Texas house last year. Hey, when you find something you love, stick with it!

The installation was pretty self explanatory. Yes, I installed it myself. No, I don’t need my husband to help me! I just followed the directions that came with the dishwasher.

Here she is in all her glory.

We ended up with the 800 series instead of our previous 300 series because it was in stock at Best Buy ;). It has a really cool extra little drawer that pulls out at the very top for small stuff.

Our kitty approves!

In fact, she WON’T STAY OUT of the dishwasher any time we try to load dishes. She’s adorable and a curious little cat to say the least.

Long term we plan to renovate the entire kitchen, but for now, our short-term plan is to update enough annoying things that we can live with it for a year or so while we save up for the big reno. Up next? I’m considering replacing the sink with a deeper single basin sink and new faucet. We’ll see. In any event, I love the dishwasher! It’s amazing how much more tolerable this kitchen is now that I have a new dishwasher.

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  1. You rock, Allison! Nice job installing our new dishwasher – you’re so talented!

  2. Love the new dishwasher! I can appreciate how you must feeling – we went through a similar dishwasher upgrade, and the difference is night and day.

    Also, your kitten as freaking ADORABLE!

  3. Love my extra drawer Bosch too. Just installed last month by hubby when we put in our solid surface countertop. Needed new plumbing and electric so it was beyond my expertise.

  4. Your new kitchen is way better than mine! Lol. You’re right, when you find something you love, stick with it!

  5. You know you’ve reached full-grown adult status when appliances make you excited. I saw the little drawer in that dishwasher and almost squealed! I need me one of those in my next dishwasher!!

  6. Looking forward to getting updates about your kitchen reno!

  7. melissainkdesigns says:

    Did you have to buy a new dishwasher connector set when you replaced it?

  8. I just moved into my new home and I bought a Bosc. Mine doesn’t have the door handle and I’m sure I saw your model at the store. I wasn’t sure if the small, top tableware shelf would be as nice as claimed but so far I do like it. I also bought a single basin Hahn sink I think it is similar to your last sink. Did you like it well enough to buy the same one for this house? Will enjoy following your remodeling of your home.

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