How many people does it take to change a light bulb?

Changing light bulbs is boring. Changing light bulbs with Ben and Travis is a hilarious adventure!

Purchase this ladder here.

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  1. Love the ending. We recently changed out our super high light bulbs. We didn’t have a tall enough ladder so we used a telescopic pole instead. The ladder looks way more fun though.

  2. where did you get the ladder i need on of those for my high lights

  3. I have one of those ladders too and it is the BOMB! I got mine at Sherwin-Williams. Expensive and worth every penny. Takes up practically NO room, and so lightweight that even I can lift it. We used it to paint our scary tall house.

  4. I would love changing our light bulb with in my reach. But I won’t be doing it if it was high, even with the assist of that fantastic ladder. I would consult my brother in this kind of situation of course.:)

    • If you are scared of heights, for less than $20 you can buy this awesome extendable pole that changes the bulbs for you – while you stand surely on ground level. Worth the money!

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