updated MARQUEE STAR – from ugly to dazzling!

I have another holiday project to share with you today!

I found a big marquee star at Target a few months back in the clearance section, and as you can see, I updated it from boring blah gold to shiny and shimmery teal! It’s just perfect for the holidays.

It was only $8.98! Dang. I am starting to see these marquee letters and shapes on clearance everywhere – maybe they have run their course? – but I still love them. If you want to grab one, try Michael’s. They were all 70% off the other day.

Well, this color is definitely not my favorite, and I wanted the star to really sparkle and fit in with a holiday theme, so I decided to spray paint it!

I was going to do a deep red, but once I saw the teal spray paint and teal glitter, it was all over for me. I’ve really been into this vintage holiday look lately. I love all the teals, lime, hot pink and light pink, mixed with some silver. It’s just so pretty. Teal sparkle will fit it nicely with these colors.

I disassembled the entire marquee before I spray painted it. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard! On the back you can see the lights and battery pack.

First, I removed all the bulbs. Pretty straightforward.

After that I started removing the strand of lights. Each little bulb section had to be squeezed a little and unclipped.

It wasn’t hard, but if you aren’t careful you could probably break the clips pretty easily, so take your time.

Time to spray paint! I’ve got a spray paint area set up in the storage room in my basement because it’s too cold in the garage. When I spray paint in my basement I open the window in the same room to help vent the area.

I used a color by Rustoleum called Seaside.

My little helper has grown up a lot lately and now likes to craft with me. She had fun creating her own little crafts while I worked on mine.

Once the teal spray paint dried I hit it with some Rustoleum Glitter, also teal.

This is going to look awesome!

Once the glitter was totally dry, I added a top coat made for the glitter called Glitter Clear Sealer.

Just look how yummy that glitter looks! I was a little nervous to add the glitter because if I didn’t like it it would be hard to remove. I’m glad I took that leap!

Shine bright like a diamond.

And the final result! I just love how it turned out! So so pretty.

Painting this marquee star was so much easier than I anticipated.


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Have a great day!

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  1. Michelle Netting says:

    Another Great idea Allison!

  2. Great job, it’s so much cuter in teal! Love it!

  3. Hello, would you be looking to sell your star? I have one and wanted a matching for my bedroom however, target no longer sells them.

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