How to fix a sliding shower door guide

When you own a home it’s really fun and exciting to take on huge projects and renovations, but most of home ownership means fixing small annoying things that break and taking care of general upkeep. (A boring yet necessary evil.)

Take our guest bath for example:

See those shower doors? Well, they swing back and forth the wrong direction and fall off their tracks. Not cool. (Well, aside from them being gold and hideous, but that’s a bigger fish to fry, so for now I am doing basic upkeep.)

The reason for the swinging? The little plastic guide at the base of the doors that keep the doors from swinging is broken.

The solution? Replace the little guide. New guide equals no more door swing. I headed to Home Depot and picked up this Tub and Shower Door Bottom Guide for a couple bucks (here’s the same one on Amazon):

Step one – remove the old broken door guide. It was very straightforward. I just unscrewed it with a phillips head screwdriver.

Step two – add Command Strips to the back of the new shower guides. I originally used the foam squares provided but they were total garbage. Just skip that useless step and go straight for the Command Strips. You are welcome.

Once the strips are applied, cut the pull tabs off. You don’t need them.

Step three – stick the new guides where the old one used to be. I used both guides side-by-side.

Here’s how they look from outside the shower. Not noticeable at all.

I did this update a few months ago. They are still going strong. My daughter uses this shower daily and the shower guides have not budged.

So easy! Of course, I’d love to just replace the shower doors and tray completely for a beautiful custom tile one, but my budget doesn’t allow for that right now. Keeping up with these small fixes is necessary to keep your home running smoothly.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

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