Capping off plumbing, removing carpet staples | Master Bath reno update

Last week I shared that we’ve been thrown into an unexpected master bathroom renovation. Seemingly out of nowhere our shower started leaking water out from under the pan. The pan ended up having a small crack in the drain and is not fixable. The only solution is to replace it. Well, if I’m going to blow up my bathroom anyway, I may as well create the bathroom of my dreams, am I right?! Last week I started removing the pan and tearing out all the gross carpet. (Yes, the bathroom had carpet. Barf.)

After we ripped the pan out to pinpoint the exact location of the leak, I quickly realized that in addition to the leak, the shower head also had a slow drip.

It really wasn’t that big a deal, it was a slow drip, but it was getting the subfloor wet which is exactly what I was trying to avoid hence ripping out the leaky shower pan.

The shower head isn’t faulty. The on/off water knob is. When turned off, it was still allowing a small amount of water to pass through. If I tried to turn it off harder, the leak would get stronger, so no amount of turning would stop the drip.

I basically had a few options: a) tear out the tile RIGHT NOW and cap off all the plumbing, b) shut off the water supply to the entire house until I fixed the leak, c) put a bucket under it, or d) just put a cap on the shower head pipe. I chose d.

I picked up this cap at the hardware store. It is temporary. I’ll probably only use it for a few days, but it was cheap and it stopped the leak.

Replacing the shower head with the cap was super easy. Step 1: unscrew the shower head.

Step 2: Add more plumbers tape.

Step 3: Screw on new cap and tighten with pliers. No more leak!

Now I can focus on other demo steps in the bathroom such as…

…Getting all these little carpet staples out of the sub floor. All those bits of carpet pad are stuck to the floor because of carpet staples. The joy of removing these staples!

You basically have to suck it up and just pull them all out, one by one. I found that a pair of needle-nose pliers worked the best.

After maybe an hour or so (and some serious claw-hand) I managed to pluck every staple out of the subfloor. Look at my pretty subfloor now.

In addition to capping the shower head drip and removing all the staples, I also finished taking all the tile off the tub surround. Exciting stuff going on around here folks.

Ben and I have been showering in the guest bathroom on the main floor. It really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We still have working sinks and a toilet in our bathroom, so we only go to the guest bathroom to shower. After a few days of showering in the guest bathroom, I realized how much our shower head sucks, so I took the one I removed from the master bathroom and replaced it in the guest bathroom. It’s still not my ideal shower head, but this Waterpik one is pretty darn good (especially considering I already had it so it’s basically free).

You may have noticed in all the photos of this unmemorable shower head, the hose has a knot in every picture. There’s a goodish reason for that. Basically, the hose is too long and gets hung on the on/off water handle. It’s very annoying. I tied a knot in it to make it shorter.

So ya, I’ve been working, but also not really. I know this bathroom is going to take a long time to finish because a) I’m super busy this summer and don’t really have time to be renovating an entire bathroom, and b) money. We hadn’t really budgeted for this, so as we put it all back together we will just go in small stages as we have the funds to pay for it. Oh the joys of being a homeowner and having to adult. I don’t want to adult today haha.

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Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. We bought our house a few months ago and our AC went out the week we moved in. The week after that we learned the shower in the boys’ bathroom is leaking and we had to cut the pipe and cap it because of the damage it was doing to the subfloor. We plan on finishing the AC this weekend and then one of our next projects is gutting and redoing the boys’ bathroom completely. We had the same mindset, if I have to replace the shower lets make it a bathroom we love.

  2. Oh FUN stuff. I hate staple removal almost as much as drywall/mud… Except that I’m mudding now (or as soon as I finish my coffee and get my tail out there, so I REALLY hate it more. So Much Dust! Nice work on your project! Closer to done! : )

  3. Thanks for making it looks so easy to do. I will definitely try to do it myself.

  4. I REALLY hate it more. So Much Dust!

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