Organizing an under-sink bathroom disaster

Today I have a quick and easy tip for organizing the cavernous hole under the bathroom sink. Our guest bathroom tends to be a catch-all for crap under the sink, and with it being a huge hole, it doesn’t leave much room for organization. Here’s what it looked like before. Yikes.

I’m sorry for that. I’m sure you now need some eye bleach. I know, huge mess! Before I tackled the cabinet, I measured how wide the opening was and ran to Target for some type of drawer to hold everything. Here’s what I came home with.

When I got home I pulled everything out of the cabinet. Organizing is much easier if you empty the space fist and then only put back into the space the stuff you really need.

I quickly determined that none of this stuff even belonged under this guest bathroom cabinet:

Most was stuff that went upstairs in the kids’ bathroom or somewhere else entirely. Once I went through all the stuff, I put the new drawer inside the cabinet and hoped it would actually fit and I measured correctly.

Whew! It fits perfectly.

I loaded up the drawer to hold all the essentials that we need in this guest bath. Done. Simple and organized.

And here she is all organized and clean. I stack bath towels on top of the new drawer, but if you needed to you could buy a 2nd one and stack it on top.

The little 3-tiered purple organizer I bought a long time ago at the dollar store, in case you were wondering.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I actually use the plastic shoe boxes from the Dollar Store under my bathroom sink. I have labeled the ends of each box with the contents (like soap, toothpaste, and make-up items) and stack the bins on top of each other. It’s so much easier to keep track of these small items and to know when they’re running out, too.

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