Sewing her own Tapir stuffed animal with no pattern!

My 13 year old daughter created her own pattern and sewed her very own Tapir. Yes, you read that right – a tapir. They are an animal that my family is obsessed with. I’m just SMH right now at how silly this entire conversation sounds. 🙂

So, she made a stuffed animal tapir for a school project. She did a project on tapirs at school, and her teacher offered bonus points if she created a tapir and brought it to school. So OF COURSE she wanted to sew one. Here’s the finished tapir:

For a 13 year old with little sewing knowledge and no pattern to go off of, I’d say this is a win!

She started by creating a pattern. The tapir is black on it’s back and front, but white on it’s belly, so she needed three pieces.

She took some fabric from our stash and cut out each of the pieces twice, but made sure they were mirror images – one for either side of the tapir.

Before sewing she double checked her fabric. Lookin’ good!

Can you sense the excitement? She always jumps at an opportunity to have me teach her to use the sewing machine.

There’s no turning back now!

She takes her sewing very seriously.

You can see the excitement in her face! This tapir is really turning out. She couldn’t believe it!

And here it is right side out. She’s ready to stuff it!

After she stuffed it, she carefully stitched up the hole with a needle and thread. Here’s the finished tapir.

This is her first time making a stuffed animal. She is so creative!

Of course her teacher loved it! In addition to bonus points he gave her some candy which she was very excited about.

I love that my daughter is crafty. We have so much fun together!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Tapir!!!!!! Nice job Kinsey – you really get the crafty side from your mom 😉

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