Master bathroom reno update 4 || removing the garden bathtub

I’ve tackled another milestone of the master bathroom demolition. Yay! The garden tub is outta there! I’ll walk you through the process. So far I’ve gutted this bathroom 100% by myself. I am woman, hear me roar! 😉

First things first, I had to remove the remainder of the tile. It was quick and fairly painless.

Next up, the fun begins! I got to bust out my Ryobi sawzall for this! I’m always up for an excuse to start hacking away with the reciprocating saw. Bawhahaha.

I used the sawzall to cut the pvc drain pipe. It was glued into the tub and was not going to budge, so I chopped it out. Not a big deal at all because we are moving all the plumbing anyway.

The drain was literally the only thing holding the tub in place. Once it was cut in half, the tub popped right out. It was awkward and bulky to move, but wasn’t heavy.

I found a brick. lol Yup this brick was just hanging out under the tub… for 23 years. You can see a little peek of the chimney that runs through the corner wall. I consulted with a fireplace company and we are getting the chimney removed, so now we can have a larger shower! Yaaasssss!

The tub was resting on top of this black fabric covering 3 2x4s.

They easily came up with a pry bar.

And here’s the drain pipe I cut:

A view of the entire space.

So, last time I talked about the bathroom, I showed you a small pile of tile covered sheetrock. Well, that pile grew into a big pile!

And I had to get rid of it somehow. Well, I could walk 1-2 pieces at a time down the stairs and into the garage, but that was a lot of extra work. OR, I could bring the trash inside and throw it away from the balcony! Guess which one I chose. 🙂

Yup, I brought my huge garbage can inside my house and chucked all the tile into it from the 2nd story. It was more fun than it should have been. Here’s my view from the 2nd story into the can.

For the smaller pieces and dust, I did not chuck it overboard. It would have made a huge mess in my foyer. So for those pieces I filled a bucket and walked it down the stairs to the garbage.

I managed to drag the tub into the hallway by myself. Because of it’s awkward size I’m going to enlist my son to help me carry it to the garage. I’m hoping Habitat for Humanity will want it as a donation.

In the mean time, the pets are sure enjoying playing hide-and-seek. They are basically Milo and Otis.

And here she is! Mostly gutted. I need to carry the wood pile to the trash and finish gutting everything, but I’m holding off taking out the sinks and toilet until the last possible second. I’m going to hire a contractor to help with a few things, so I’m just waiting on him.

I’m not sure when the next update will be. The bathroom might sit like this for a few weeks while we get permits, HOA approval to move the window, and have the contractor fit us into his schedule.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. In a word, this is AWESOME!!

  2. Wow. You are amazing! : ) Haha to having fun with the trash. : )

  3. I just found your blog and I love it! You are the first blog I have seen that tackles molding on windows with bull nose edges! I live in AZ and EVERY corner is rounded. UGH! You give me hope! I also want to DIY our bathroom reno so I am anxious to see how this turned out! I don’t see another master bathroom update, unless I somehow missed it!

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