Our friends PRANKED our house while we were on vacation || best prank ever!

We were recently pranked so good by some of our friends that I am still laughing about it. Seriously, this is the prank to end all pranks. We have some pretty awesome friends. Our family went on a quick getaway to San Francisco a few weeks ago and when we got home at almost 1am we walked into this:

I’m sure you are thinking, “What in the heck am I looking at? What on earth is that?”

Let me start from the beginning…

Our son is in Percussion at high school. He is part of an Indoor Drumline. That’s him on the far left with a tan beanie on. <3

Their show this season was called “Corrupted” and included one giant prop. Yes, one prop. We called it “The Prop” all season long.

It was basically a huge “machine” that moved across the floor during the show corrupting everything in its path.

The thing was enormous. It was built by some of the Indoor Drumline parents and required a lot of parent help on show days.

The “prop” consisted of 8 sections and 7 panels. He was scary and intimidating.

After the season ended the frame of the prop was dismantled and I assumed the panels had been tossed. (Apparently they were not tossed!) We had a really nice end-of-season party at our house even though my fireplace is unfinished and looks like this:

I warned everyone multiple times that our house is being renovated and not to judge! Well, apparently during this end-of-season party some of the parents started joking around that they should come help “finish” our fireplace wall. One thing lead to another and a plan was hatched…

We hired one of the Drumline kids (and his dad, Arik) to come to our house and pet sit while we were in San Francisco. He obviously had access to our house while we were gone.

Arik met Jason (the ring leader) and a handful of other sneaky friends at our house and let everyone in. From there they all had a grand ol’ time decorating our living room.

Who needs drywall? We’ve got “the prop” all over are wall!

And their finished product. I can only imagine how much snickering went on that day.

So we get home from vacation at about 1am and walk into our house and see this huge monstrosity in our living room. I died. Right then and there. We laughed so hard, and honestly, are still laughing about it.

We’ve kind of gotten used to having it now. It will be weird to take it down and actually add drywall.

Here are the text messages we sent to Arik and Jason that night. Pretty entertaining stuff here!

Speaking of parents, here are all the parents that traveled to Dayton, Ohio this year to volunteer while the Indoor Drumline competed in World Championships.

Center back row is Jason, the ring leader, and Arik is 2nd from right, next to Ben. (Ben is the sexy beast on the far right with the backward baseball cap and I’m 2nd from left on the front row with the blue hoodie.) They are the greatest pranksters ever. They can’t be topped. We will never be able to out-prank them.

And that is the story of how we ended up with a huge corrupted wall!

Start at the VERY beginning of our WHOLE-HOUSE renovation:
New to this series? Click here to start at the beginning!

A HUGE thank you to Liz Danekind Photography for all the pictures of The Prop and group photos.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love it! Leave it up – it’s a conversation piece, a work of art and it’s really interesting! If that was my house I would leave it up…maybe not for the rest of my life (!!) but for awhile for sure!

  2. Geeze most groups sell or makeover their show equipment…not yours LOL!
    Best use of an ex prop ever! Your line should have extra points added next year at WGI.

  3. How fun is that!

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