The bathroom flip flop

Hold onto your hats because this post is going to get a little crazy. And when I say “crazy” what I really mean is “confusing”.

The kids’ bathroom and the guest bathroom are both in the same hallway. The kids’ bathroom is the first door on the right, and the guest bathroom is the last door at the very end of the hallway.

The kids’ bedrooms are sandwiched between both doors (the 2nd door on the left and the 2nd door on the right). Here’s the floor plan to help get you oriented.

When we moved in I put the kids bathroom between the girl room and the living room. It seemed like a good idea because it is closest to their bedrooms. Here’s the kids’ bathroom:

And as a refresher, here’s the guest bathroom. I’ve actually mentioned the guest bathroom at the end of the hall several times. Most recently I removed the big cabinet above the toilet.

Well guess what? Guests never go to the end of the hall to use the restroom. I guess they feel weird wandering all the way down the hall? It’s probably because the bathroom right next to the living room seems like the logical place for a guest to freshen up.

And my kids aren’t exactly the shining examples of neat and tidy. In fact, on any given day there is usually toothpaste smeared on the counter, toothpaste splatter on the mirror, my daughter’s hairbrush and accessories strewn about the counter, and dirty clothes on the floor. Not exactly the most inviting environment for a guest.

I’ve been hesitant to swap the bathrooms because the other one seemed too far away for the kids. Also, the bath at the end of the hall is smaller than their bathroom and I wasn’t sure about making them share such a small bathroom. But I’d finally had enough and figured I might as well try it out. An hour later and they were officially swapped.

The kids’ previous bathroom is now a clean and tidy spacious guest bathroom:

I’ve actually never even showed you this entire bathroom. We have a single sink with a really long counter, and the toilet and shower are in a separate room. I took that 2nd bathroom door off though shortly after moving in because it was really cumbersome and annoying.

The shower and tub are pretty much the exact same as before except now they have the guest room curtain.

This was a hard angle to photograph, but there use to be a cabinet above this toilet as well. Fortunately for me Ben was actually home to help me take it down so I didn’t have to do any bin stacking or anything.

Here’s one more awkward view above the toilet to show you where the cabinet use to be. It was big and awkward and I didn’t take a single “before” shot. Use your imagination.

And here’s the old guest bathroom which is now the kids’ bathroom. We’ve had this setup for about a week now and it is actually working GREAT having the kids in this bath instead. No issues at all so far.

They have a lot less counter space to mess up which is a plus and the new guest bathroom has stayed spotless since the swap (double plus!). The layout of this bathroom reminds me so much of their old bathroom. Now I’m really getting a hankering to put up beadboard in here.

I pulled some photos of their old bathroom and I just died a little inside. It was so beautiful, and so much work, and we only got to enjoy it for 3 months before moving. Sniff.



Amazing, right? One of my favorite spaces in our previous home. (You can check out the entire bathroom here.) Okay… back to reality. Sorry for derailing there. I just got all sad and nostalgic seeing that amazing bathroom again. I can do it again though!

Here’s a before and after of the old kids’/current guest bathroom:


And here’s a before and after of the old guest/current kids’ bathroom (ignore the word “currently” on the “before” photo. I’m reusing it from this post):


Was all of that flip-flopping too confusing or did you get the gist of it? To sum it all up, we switched the kids’ bathroom and the guest bathroom. And I miss their old bathroom at the old house. But I’ll make their new bathroom even more fab. Just you wait.


The bathrooms got a fast facelift

Moving day came and went, and we were all moved in. Now it was time to get settled! Well, first order of business? Showering.

The previous owners left the shower curtains in two of the three showers (our master bathroom has a glass door, not a curtain). After assessing both bathrooms I determined that the curtains and rods


The rods are those super nice ones that bow outward to give you more elbow room. However, these had seen better days and were ripping out of the wall.

Plus, as much as people rave about this style of shower rod, I personally am not a fan because when you are in the bathroom or on the toilet, having the shower rod and curtain protruding from the shower makes me really claustrophobic. So, bottom line, I took them out and threw them away.

Kids bathroom:

In addition to my aversion to bowing shower curtain rods, I also realized that this one in the guest bathroom is hung obscenely high.

I’m guessing this multiple shower curtain ring getup is to make the curtain longer and not just the curtain channeling her inner Mr. T?

And then there was the issue of the showerheads. Well, I guess not really an issue, but the kids’ one kinda just creeped me out for some reason.

The guest one seemed fine, but I figured if I’m going to switch one out I may as well do all of them. Plus, I have a very cheap, very favorite showerhead that I wanted to put in all the showers.

My friend introduced me to these cheap little awesome shower heads back in 2009. I’ve been a raving fan since. I even put them in my last house.

These showerheads come from Home Depot and are less than 5 bucks each. They are (obviously) not the top-of-the-line expensive showerheads, but for swapping out a cheap crappy one for a cheap awesome one, this is the way to go.

As you probably noticed, I now have a straight shower rod in an oil rubbed bronze tone. I bought basic $15 tension rod shower rods for both bathrooms. Sometimes tension rods get a (probably deserved) bad rap, but these ones lock into place and are really tight. You basically twist them into place on the middle seam, and then one end twists for an even tighter fit. I got these in pretty tight and we haven’t had any issues with them so far.

Here’s the guest bath with the new showerhead and shower rod. Check out what the wall color use to be behind the old shower rod. Yikes!

With my shower curtains from my previous home hung, and a new rod installed, the bathrooms are feeling just homey enough now that we can all shower comfortably. Of course, this is also after a ridiculously deep cleaning of all bathrooms on move-in day.

Kids bath and guest bath:


And for some “before” and “progress” side-by-side comparisons…

No where near “done” but just getting the place clean and our own curtains hung really helped us all to feel more at home.

So, I’ve been thinking about how I want to tackle this house from a fixing up and DIY perspective. I have decided to work on the house in phases.

Phase 1 will be devoted to just getting this place feeling like a brand-new, but builder-grade, house. I am going to focus on getting every wall painted, every square inch scrubbed, every flush mount ceiling fixture (vents, speakers, recessed lighting) white (not beige), every window sill painted and caulked, every ceiling painted, and every broken set of blinds replaced. I’m already exhausted thinking about it!

This house needs a lot of painting and updating just to get it to where I would consider it a good starting point for the really fun stuff like MOULDING! I want to feel like I live in a brand-new house, so if that means spray painting some air vents, painting some ceilings, and swapping out some ceiling fans, then that’s what I’ll do.

So, for the next several months I will be working on “Phase 1: Brand New Builder Grade”. That’s what I’ve dubbed it. Of course, at the same time I will be getting us settled in and unpacked, and will get rooms arranged and decorated, and pictures and shelves hung on the wall, so it should be fun for you to follow along.

I’ve been mulling over paint colors so I can tackle the bedrooms and I am really excited to talk about that next week!

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m just so dang excited to tackle this house and make it our own. Thanks for following along on my DIY journey!


Meet our dog, Chase. He does funny stuff. For example…

Meet Chase:

Chase is our 8.5 pound Yorkie. He doesn’t really look like a Yorkie though because we keep him shaved.

He’s really suppose to look like this (which personally I think looks ridiculous, but I’m not a dog show person either):

This is his, “Sup?” face:

When he’s being naughty he tends to have an “Oh Crap! I’ve been caught!” look on his face.

Chase loves to bark at cats. All.Day.Long. And he also loves to bark at people who come to our front door. He’s a pretty good watch dog.

Chase’s favorite spot for cat-watching and cat-barking is the left window in our piano room. It’s low enough that he can see out. He spends lots of time behind the chair looking out the window.

I noticed something the other day that I found hilarious. Usually my piano room looks like this (notice the perfect carpet lines?):

Chase must be doing extra cat-watching lately because the room looked like this:

and this:

Do you see it?

How about now?

Chase runs back and forth through the piano room so much that you can actually see his little paw prints across my vacuum lines.

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Yes, I do like having my carpet look nice, but to me it’s really not that big a deal. My grandma had a formal living room that we were NEVER allowed to go into because “it messed up the carpet lines”. I am not like that.

When I bust out the vacuum once a week I will make the carpet look nice, but the rest of the time I don’t care. We live here. And a dog lives here. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I really could do without so much of this though:

Do you have any pets? What little things do they do that you think are so adorable? Do they do anything that drives you cray-to-the-zee?

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