I Am My Beloved’s custom artwork sign

So, ya, I made another sign. It wasn't for me though. A friend asked me if I could replicate some art she found on pinterest. I had her send it to me and decided I'd take a stab at it. Here is the original art she sent me: It's from a blog called My *PINK* Life. Isn't it such a pretty piece of art? Well, here's how mine turned out. My friend chose teal paint for the lettering instead of black. She also changed the reference from "Song of Songs" to "Song of Solomon". I think it's a pretty good replication if you ask me. We were both happy with it at least. My friend came … [Read more...]

Andy Warhol inspired chair pop art

{I have been glued to the TV all evening watching the hurricane coverage. It's heart wrenching to watch. Ben and I (and our chicklets) lived in Long Branch, New Jersey for a year in 2008 so I have a special place in my heart for Jersey and its shore. Watching it get slammed with this terrible storm is just awful. And poor New York City. I cry every time I see more footage of Battery Park. I feel like Jersey and New York are my homes away from home. I hope everyone affected by this awful storm stays safe, dry, and warm. Please know I am thinking about you guys and crying for … [Read more...]

Turn gift bags into {cheap} art

Every summer during my childhood my mom would pack up her daughters, and her best friend would pack up her two girls and we would hit the road for our annual "no boys allowed" beach vacation (they both have only daughters. No sons were left out). The moms we're dubbed (and still to this day are called) "Beach Barbara" and "Beach Lynda". We would stay at a condo for a week, eat all the fresh boiled shrimp we could, and play in the sand and surf from sun up to sun down. Of course, there were plenty of shenanigans going on as well. With 5 girls all within a few years of each other we reeked … [Read more...]

Dangle Earring Frame – A Blogging2Better Challenge

For the past 6 weeks I've been part of a collaboration group called Blogging 2 Better. Every week we met up via conference call to discuss all things blog. It was really nice to be able to bounce ideas off other bloggers and also learn so much more about blogging! Our group consisted of: House of Hepworths East Coast Creative Sand and Sisal Being Brook SAS Interiors We decided for our last and final week we would end our 6-week crash course with a bang by doing a project and blogging about it. Without further adieu, welcome to Here are the list of supplies we had to … [Read more...]

Adding trim to ikea drona boxes for the expedit {girl room progress}

Are you sick of hearing me drone on and on about my daughter's room? I hope not because I've still got loads of little projects to complete before I call this room done. Check out today's project: I found these cool Drona boxes at ikea that fit in her expedit perfectly. The best part? They are only $5. Oh, and they come in hot pink! Which is pretty awesome if you ask me. (They also come in black and a few other colors.) The boxes are fabric and have what I assume is heavy cardboard inside to create the box. They are great as-is, but you know me, I can't leave … [Read more...]

Easy Lamp Shade Update

In an attempt to try to get one step closer to finishing my daughter's room, I updated her lamp. It was so easy it's almost not even worth a tutorial! My daughter has this basic chrome lamp with a hot pink shade from Target. It seemed a little boring, so I just added some orange ribbon to the shade to help match her recently finished curtains. To add a little bling to the shade I just took some leftover ribbon... ...and attached it to the shade with double-sided tape. I started and ended at the seam along the back of the shade. For added bond I added a … [Read more...]

Cardboard Houndstooth Taxidermy Unicorn Head

Well hey, hey, HEY! my friends! How the heck are ya? I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and Mother's Day! Last weekend I worked on a little craft project for my daughter's room. It's a little quirky and random, so if it isn't your thang, I totally understand. I like weird and quirky though so I'm pretty stoked about this conversation starter. Check it: I am seriously Goo-Goo Ga-Ga over Cardboard Taxidermy Heads right now. Like, I think they are just so cool I squeal whenever I see them. Several months ago I was at Urban Outfitters and just happend upon this … [Read more...]