RAINBOW cake! So pretty when you cut into it.

My daughter LOVES to bake. Like, daily, she is whipping up something in the kitchen. And of course, it's never anything easy - it's always some super creative complicated adventure that usually turns out delicious. This time was no different - she and her friend created a beautiful Rainbow Cake 5-layers tall. Obviously cutting into it was really fun but the best part was that it actually tasted really good! For this super simple cake that your kid can make, she started with 2 white cake mixes (the box ones) and mixed them up together in a double batch. Then she divided the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Bar Toffee. Delicious easy to make treat for the Holiday season.

I served this Chocolate Bar Toffee to all the shoppers at the Kirkland's Grand Opening Event last week. It was a huge hit and I want to share the recipe with you guys now. (Don't forget to go enter the giveaway for a $100 gift card to Kirkland's!) This Toffee is so stinkin' easy to make. I don't generally enjoy cooking and baking, but I do enjoy delicious food, so when I do bake, it better be an easy recipe that is extra yummy. I have no patience for mediocre recipes. To make this Toffee, you only need 6 ingredients. It is that easy. The only tricky part about the entire recipe is you have … [Read more...]

How to easily peel a pomegranate

Now that pomegranate season is in full force, here's a super easy way to peel a pomegranate. Have you ever wondered how to get all those little squishy seeds out of a pomegranate? I was terrified of this little fruit until only a few years ago. Every time I even attempted to pluck all the little seeds out, they would burst and my kitchen would end up looking like a crime scene. The power of the u-google-izer taught me how to tackle this harmless ball of deliciousness so I figured I should pass on my newfound knowledge to all of you. First, wash your pomegranate. … [Read more...]

DIY vinyl Baking Labels for your pantry

I made some cute baking labels for my pantry with my Silhouette CAMEO: I bought these ho-hum plastic containers for all my baking stuff. They are practical, yet boring. Plus I keep getting my sugar and splenda mixed up. I purchased them from my local grocery store (HEB). They are Rubbermaid brand. I wanted to make 'em all purty with some labels to stop confusing me while in a baking trance, so I busted out the CAMEO and some premium black vinyl and had these cute labels cut out in a jiffy. To make the labels, first measure your area you want your vinyl. The font … [Read more...]

A plethora of marshmallow pop trifecta

How's that for a title? I kill even myself sometimes. Bada-bing! Um... er... uh... {innocent whistling}... Let's just get on with the post, shall we? Before Valentine's Day two weeks ago, K and I made a bunch of Chocolate Covered Strawberries. {tutorial here} During that chocolate making session we also made another fun treat! And let me tell you, these bad boyz are delicious. Marshmallow Pops! Yup. We took a ball of sugar, dipped it into chocolate sugar, then dipped it again into sugar sprinkles. Do you see a trend here? Sugar dipped in sugar dipped … [Read more...]

Make your own Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a yummy Valentine's treat, but they are pricy! I refuse to pay $5-$10 for four strawberries. Fortunately, years ago I learned how to make my own Chocolate Covered Strawberries. You will be shocked when you realize how easy and inexpensive they are to make. Never pay inflated prices again! First, you want to gear up. You will need fresh strawberries (washed), chocolate, and a cookie sheet with wax paper. I prefer Dolci Frutta which can be found on the baking isle or near the fruit section at your local grocery store. However, you … [Read more...]

Let them eat {birthday} cake! [Neapolitan cake]

Saturday my squishy adorable snugly strong willed little baby turned 7! It's hard to believe that she was once a chubby little thing that I could gobble up on a daily basis... All Kinsey wanted for her birthday (besides an American Girl doll that looks just like her) was "A cake that is strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate." I've seen beautiful rainbow cakes all over blogland, so I decided to try my hand at a Neapolitan one just for Kinz. I think it turned out quite cute if you ask me! I just used 3 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix; a strawberry, white, and dutch … [Read more...]