God bless the USA

Happy Independence week! I just stumbled across these photos from 2007 of my lil' chicklets on the morning of July 4th, 2007 at a community parade: I wish I could go back in time and give them a big squishy hug at that age just one more time. I miss their 5 and 3 year old selves. Quick announcement: Because July 4th is on Wednesday this year I am skipping the weekly Hookin' Up with HoH Link Party this week. No need to race home from setting off fireworks to link up, amIright?! The party will resume as usual next week on July 11th. I'm taking the rest of the week … [Read more...]

Hangin’ Out w/ Alicia @ Thrifty and Chic

There is nothing better {to me} than chilling by a pool or at the beach, with an umbrella overhead, a good drink in hand, and a few great friends to chill with. I LOVE sitting around outside just hanging out. Gabbing, sharing, laughing, and just getting to know each other even better. I could have lazy pool-side chats with girlfriends every day of the week and never grow tired of it. Well, I feel that way about the friends I've made online as well. Though we live too far apart to actually sit together at the beach, I wanted to hang out with them anyway, dang it! So I created a fun … [Read more...]

A Disney Christmas & some announcements

Gooooooood Morning, VIETNAM! I'm back, I'm back, I'm back. I feel like I haven't been online in for-eveh! Last week we went with Ben's entire family (18 people total) to... Walt Disney World! (Pardon Travis's hilarious face. He was squinting from the sun. This is the only family photo we took the whole week!) The trip was such a blast, but oh so tiring! We need a vacation just to recover from the vacation. Not even a horrible stomach bug that had seven people in our party (including myself) puking our guts out kept us from having a great time. Disney really is "The … [Read more...]

Silver Tinsel Ornaments

Hey peeps! I made this tutorial for Under The Table and Dreaming's Handmade Ornament Series last week. I'm reposting it here in case you missed it over there. I'm here to show you the easiest ornament in the world to make, yet one of my very favorites... Silver Tinsel Ornaments To make these simple sparkle ornaments you will need: * clear glass ornaments * silver garland Hey, I said they were easy, didn't I? Simply cut the garland into 1" strips and stuff into each of the glass ornaments. Pop the top back on and twist an ornament hook onto each … [Read more...]

50 Holiday wreaths you don’t want to miss

When you think of pretty much any holiday, what decor item pops into your head? When I think of "holiday" I think, WREATHS! Every holiday has them. They adorn fireplace mantles, front doors, mirrors, and hallways. Adding a festive wreath instantly transforms your space. It's the quickest and easiest way to bring any holiday into your home. Christmas wreaths are probably the most popular holiday wreath on the planet. People love decorating for THE Holidays (you know, like how people say "THE CITY" and it's automatically assumed they are talking about NYC? You say "The Holidays" and … [Read more...]

Advent & Countdown Calendars, Oh My!

There have been so many amazing Advent Calendars and Countdown to Christmas crafts in my link parties that I wanted to share some of the creativeness with you - just in case you missed it the first go 'round. Let's start with my Advent Calendar I made last month. I recently shared what toys and trinkets I stuffed my Advent Calendar with. Here are a bunch more ways to count down to Christmas. Even if you haven't been counting down, it's not too late! Start now. The kids will love it. * The hyperlink above each Calendar is the blogger who created the project * Southern … [Read more...]

Furniture switcharoo and stuffing the Advent

So. How's it going?! First off, a huge thanks for all the well-wishes. I'll keep you posted. :) Okay, so I showed you how I moved the sofa table over to the staircase wall... In it's previous life it was a headboard. I cut it down, gave it a coat of paint, and turned it into a retro sofa table: I'm still totally diggin' the table. Like, A Lot. I like it a lot. You couldn't really see it very well behind the couch though, so I moved it where my kids art desk use to be: Which is just fine by me because their desk usually looks like a complete disaster. Don't … [Read more...]