How I lost 35 lbs eating keto / low carb (and how you can too!)

The past year I've been eating a low carb diet. I loosely follow a specific diet called the Ketogenic Diet, or Keto diet. I've managed to lose around 35 pounds so far! I went from my high weight of 194 lbs and a size 14 to about 160 lbs and a size 6/8. I've been in maintenance mode for about 5 months now. I fluctuate between 157 and 164. I've posted about this a few times on Instagram and I get so much engagement from those posts with you guys begging me to give you more details.    via/via I will try to give you a good overview of my diet and how it has worked for … [Read more...]

The chair my butt broke

So I plop myself down the other day into my {not} favorite {but it's the only one I own} blogging chair (the chair where I do most of my blogging)... And wouldn't you know it? There's a crrraaaaaack and my arse is on the floor. Awesome. I guess I finally exceeded the weight limit. A summer full of gorging on ice cream and cookies has finally caught up with me. There's no way I'm tossing out my $25 garage sale chair that I bought IN the actual real for real hills of Beverly Hills. Nope. Not gonna happen. So I took the chair apart and fixed it. It really was a … [Read more...]

Get Healthy at Win, Lose, or Blog

I know this is kinda wordy, but PLEASE stay with me here and read the whole post. xoxo Remember how I said I was on a diet? Um, ya. I'll visit that topic next week. Let's just say this past month did not go according to plan. BUT, on a similar note, I have some other exciting WEIGHT LOSS news (which will hopefully end up helping me on my aforementioned derailed diet)! {I'm so super excited about this, guys!} The Gals over at a fun weight loss blog called Win, Lose, or Blog have invited ME to be a part of their Team. I won't be competing, but instead, I'll be helping them to run … [Read more...]

Join the HoH weight loss community

I need help losing weight. I need a support group around me. I can't do this alone. So I created a weight loss group. My husband found this site: He's used this website for about a year now to track his calories, workouts, weight, and everything related to healthy living. He's been trying to convert me for some time now, but I'm really {really} stubborn. However, recently I've decided to get healthy. This is just not cutting it for me anymore. I've had such a huge positive reaction to my openness about my weight struggles! {{Thank you, Thank you!!}} Many of … [Read more...]

From here on out, I’m a total LOSER.

The big House o' Hepdaddy Diet of 2011 has officially begun. And in Biggest Loser form, I'm hoping to be a HUGE LOSER over the next few months! This is one time I hope I'm a loser! I guess it's time to put my money where my mouth is and start this ol' here diet of mine. Exactly two weeks ago I made a post about being overweight. I waited for my Cinch stuff to come in the mail, and it actually arrived last week before Blissdom, but I decided I should probably wait to start the diet until after my vacation conference. So here I am. Day one. The beginning of the rest of my … [Read more...]

Let’s face it. I’m fat. But I’m ready for a change.

I'm too damn fat. You heard me. I'm fat. I've been sportin' the ol' tire tube around the middle for quite some time now. But after years of wallowing in self-pitty about my body image, I'm ready to lose the pounds. ("before" picture) I'm ready to NOT look like this ever again. Have you ever wondered why I don't show you pictures of me very often? Because I'm fat. And I'm embarrassed. And I'm afraid you won't like me anymore. Case in point: Yup, I'm ready for a change. Here's another recent "before" (current) picture of me: I'm so excited about starting a … [Read more...]