Buying one of everything at IKEA, oh, and we moved in!

Hi! Man, we have been so busy trying to get moved into the new house. When we left Austin we sold most of our furniture, so moving into the new house was easy because we only had one Pod to unload. However, we hit up IKEA for most of our furniture and between buying, moving, unloading, and assembling, our time is zapped! Here's Ben getting ready to unload the Pod last week. We hired a few guys to come help unload so the thing was unloaded in less than 2 hours. Ah, a nice empty Pod. Come take it away pod people! Like I said, we hit up IKEA for most of our new furniture. IKEA … [Read more...]

Our temporary housing video tour at Towneplace Suites Marriott

We sold our Austin home a week and a half ago, but we don't close on the new Colorado home for another week and a half, so basically we are totally homeless at the moment. It's been a tad stressful to say the least! Fortunately though, we do have an extended stay hotel we are staying in. We are staying at the Towneplace Suites by Marriott. There are two main reasons we went with Towneplace Suites: 1) they allow pets, and 2) they are suites, so our room is more like a teeny tiny two bedroom apartment than an actual hotel. In addition to being in the equivalent of a small 2 … [Read more...]

Carnival-themed baby shower, a photo booth, & a cupcake stand tutorial

Back in October my sister's best friend and I hosted a Carnival-themed baby shower for my pregnant sister. It turned out so fun and creative. The shower was hosted at my house but credit for the majority of the planning and decorating goes to my sister's best friend, Stephanie. I like to keep things simple (I'm cheap and lazy) but Stephanie totally knocked this out of out the park. The only downside to hosting the party outside at 4pm was that the lighting was terrible with shadows all over the place. It wasn't noticeable in person, but the photos really enhance all the shadows. The … [Read more...]

The house is a hot mess, come on in!

Hey y'all. Moving to our new house seriously kicked my butt. But much thanks to Moving Company Calgary for their ideas. I am neck deep in the "oh-crap-I-just-downsized-and-have-way-too-much-stuff" phase. Like, seriously. Waaaay too much stuff. I guess knocking off more than 800 sq ft of livable space will do that to you. I am not complaining, I am merely stating that I have been in Operation Create-a-new-garage-sale-pile the past few weeks, but there's so much crap to sift through that the Operation is moving very slowly. I also realized that I haven't shown you the whole house with all … [Read more...]

Your questions answered about the new house!

You guys, we bought a new house! And y'all sure are nosey. I am here to answer all your questions and to give you all the details (or at least as many as I feel comfortable sharing online). I'm glad you asked questions because sometimes it's hard for me to remember every detail that you might be curious about. So here goes nothing... Q: How many square feet is your new house? How many was the old house? A: The new house is approximately 2,800 square feet. The old house was about 3,650 square feet. We shaved off about 850 square feet when we purchased this new house. We lost a bedroom … [Read more...]

We are weird, but want to be weirder (Dave Ramsey & our total money makeover)

At the beginning of January I did a little 2012 recap and shared some goals for 2013. I wouldn't go as far as to say I created resolutions, but I did touch upon a few big changes we made in 2012 that we want to continue to work on in 2013. One of these big changes is to follow the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover. I've been meaning to expand on all of the points I made in that post (including going Gluten-Free), so for today I'm going to start with our Total Money Makeover experience: where we were, where we are now, and where we are headed in the future. (If you are reading this … [Read more...]

the Young House Love book tour made its way to the live music capital of the world

John and Sherry from the wildly popular blog Young House Love recently published a pretty awesome home decor and craft book, also titled Young House Love. Tuesday they flew to Austin as part of their book tour. They have been quite the globetrotters lately. Austin generally doesn't get such an honor (usually we are skipped over for the bigger cities, Houston and Dallas) so we were quite excited and giddy to be able to attend an event. My BFF Beth from Free Stylin' went with me. Here we are eagerly awaiting John and Sherry to bust through the curtain and share some book insights with … [Read more...]