Our friends PRANKED our house while we were on vacation || best prank ever!

We were recently pranked so good by some of our friends that I am still laughing about it. Seriously, this is the prank to end all pranks. We have some pretty awesome friends. Our family went on a quick getaway to San Francisco a few weeks ago and when we got home at almost 1am we walked into this: I'm sure you are thinking, "What in the heck am I looking at? What on earth is that?" Let me start from the beginning... Our son is in Percussion at high school. He is part of an Indoor Drumline. That's him on the far left with a tan beanie on. … [Read more...]

Goodbye little Jedi Max

Almost three weeks ago I shared my friend's son Max with all of you. He has been battling brain cancer for a year. He fought a long hard fight. He never gave up. He passed away yesterday. Many of you reached out and sent post cards to Max when his "last wish" trip to Paris was canceled last month. Thank you. I know that Jay and Scott appreciate every last card and note sent to Max. It certainly brightened the last few weeks of Max's life. He passed away knowing that the entire world loved him. Please take a moment to post a quick note and virtual hugs to the … [Read more...]

My emotions about the new house are playing ping-pong, and I don’t like it

I'm about to break my #1 blogging rule... Never blog when you are depressed. Why? Well, because you'll regret it later. You'll say things you wish you could take back. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. I guess I won't know until I actually do it. Now before you go and start to think I've lost my f-ing marbles and am on a quick trip to Looneyville, let me assure you, I have, and it's true. I am losing it. And I honestly don't know what to think or do at this point. When we put an offer on our new house I was smitten. In love. Couldn't wait to move. The floor plan is awesome, the yard is … [Read more...]

My daughter was on the tv show The View with Whoopi

A year and a half ago I partnered with Modern Bird Studios to create a custom piece of art. After sending a photo I took of my daughter at the beach, they sent me the most beautiful custom artwork. Apparently it was one of Modern Bird's most favorite pieces as well! When The View (yes, the TV show!) contacted Modern Bird Studios to showcase their art on the Whoopi's Favorite Things show, they wanted to share the painting of my daughter. Well, the show aired last Monday. Check out these screen shots I took: Holy cow, my daughter's face is Right.There.! Whoopi and … [Read more...]

Cottonelle’s “Respect the Roll” Campaign

Thank you to Cottonelle for encouraging me to Respect The Roll by sending me these awesome roll covers and Cottonelle Clean Care product and sponsoring my creativity. You can enter to win roll covers yourself by visiting Cottonelle's Facebook page! I love blogging. Sometimes I get fun opportunities to blog about stuff, and today is no different. Cottonelle sent me these fun and oh-so-adorable toilet paper roll covers. Aren't they so cute?! I die. Cottonelle wants to share a new campaign, "Respect the Roll". Toilet paper doesn't need to be banished into hiding under … [Read more...]

THE actual real-for-real House of Hepworths (for realz)

Hey you guys! I have a little treat for you today! Well, okay, it's probably not that cool, but it's a treat for me at least! I have wanted a floor plan of my house for a year now. I've scoured the internet looking for it and it's nowhere to be found! I tried to draw one using one of those free floor plan services. Ha! It looked worse than a kindergartner's drawings. Well, I mentioned to one of my friends down the street that I wanted a floor plan (this house was built almost 6 years ago) and to my complete shock and elation she whipped out a floor plan for me! Turns out she and … [Read more...]

Recaps, Famous People, and Reality TV

Well, my friends, I am FINALLY back from my oh-too-long vacay. For your and my sanity, I swear I'll never leave for that long ever again! Let's get down to bid-ness... First off, I just have to give a huge thanks to all the Guest Bloggers that posted here over the last month. Weren't they all just fab?!! Honestly, I'm now following quite a few of them myself! Also, if you are just dying to get a recap of our vacation, I made FIFTEEN posts about my vacation while we were on the road. Check all of them out here. I tried to add some humor to each post as not to bore you to sleep. One … [Read more...]