The kids are getting crafty {learning to sew}

Today I taught my kids how to sew! They've seen me sew and have shown interest in it, so when Elle Sophia Design offered to send them a Learn To Sew kit, I was all, "Heck Ya. We'd love one!" Elle Sophia Design sent us a Personalized Gift Set for Kinsey and a Sewing Starter Shape Stuffer kit which I split up for them to share.    Oh-to the Em-to the Geee. These kits are not only ah-freaking-dorable, they are so fun to boot! When you open the kit, it comes with everything you need to teach your little ones how to sew; even the needle and thread! And the … [Read more...]

Caprisun bags & totes the hit of the school!

I am a little obsessed with Caprisun bags. Seriously. Are they not just the cutest things ever? And lunch sacks? Dying. I've streamlined my initial lunch sack. It now has a handle, less velcro, a flap closure, and is less bulky at the top. They are pretty much a huge pain in the patootie to make so I'm not going to give a play by play right now. Maybe some day. Here's my tutorial on how to make the little bags though.    I also have been making these oh-so-cute large caprisun totes. They are great for school or going to the pool. The big … [Read more...]

How to make a pillow from a placemat; the easiest DIY sewing project ever

Alrighty kids, I've had one too many Diet Dr Peppers today and I'm feeling jittery! I guess I need to go lay down on my... BRAND.NEW.... Pillow! Yuppers, I made a Placemat Pillow. I know what you are thinking, "Another blogger made yet another pillow from a placemat..." It's true. No excuses here. I'm going where no man too many men women have gone before. I'm about the 10 thousandth person to make a placemat pillow. Hopefully my plethora of pictures and my awesome tutorial writing skills will make my Placemat Pillow more awesomespice than the rest of them. For … [Read more...]

Aviary fabric by Thomas Paul

Several months ago I obsessed over some fabric I found in a model home (and you guys obsessed with me!). I've found several GREAT DEALS for this fabric and furniture with this fabric. Read on for the links! … [Read more...]

Please don’t wipe your face on these. {Cloth napkin pillows}

Aren't these cloth napkins I bought at Target so stinkin' pretty?! They were on clearance for $2.08 each, which honestly wasn't that much off of the original price, but I just LOVE the fabric! So of course I had to have them. But us Hepworths and cloth napkins don't mix. We are a casual group of eaters that prefer cheap-o napkins from IKEA or even just a paper towel. But the fabric! It's so pretty. And I just had to have it anyway. So I concocted a plan for these beautiful napkins. Why not make some pillows for my piano room? I already had the pillow forms... I … [Read more...]

Beyond Bows

After I had my daughter in 2004 I got obsessed with hair bows. (This is my daughter Kinsey in 2004 wearing one of my bows). Hair bows are not cheap, so I started making my own. And from there it sprang into a full-fledged business. I had an online store and sold quite a few hair bows. (This is my neice Alyssa wearing a bow I made) I sold hair bows and hair accessories until 2006 at which point we moved around too much to keep the shop up and running, so I shut it down. I do have plans in the near future to reopen my shop, so stay tuned! Here are a few of my bows I've … [Read more...]

Capri-sun chaos! Little purses for your littlies.

As promised, here is my other Capri-sun craft I promised you all. Purses! Is it just me, or are they ah-freaking-dorable?! K-bear couldn't have been more thrilled! She snatched them right up the second I was finished. And I'm pretty sure she thoroughly enjoyed every second of her photo-op as well. ;) Now that she has two purses, all she needs now for Christmas are her two front teeth! Uni the Unicorn enjoyed a ride. These bags are the perfect size for a Webkinz or small stuffed animal. I'm seeing lots of animal and purse combo … [Read more...]