Sewing her own Tapir stuffed animal with no pattern!

My 13 year old daughter created her own pattern and sewed her very own Tapir. Yes, you read that right - a tapir. They are an animal that my family is obsessed with. I'm just SMH right now at how silly this entire conversation sounds. :) So, she made a stuffed animal tapir for a school project. She did a project on tapirs at school, and her teacher offered bonus points if she created a tapir and brought it to school. So OF COURSE she wanted to sew one. Here's the finished tapir: For a 13 year old with little sewing knowledge and no pattern to go off of, I'd say this is a win! … [Read more...]

I knocked-off some PBTeen bedding and saved $355! {daughters new bedding}

Well hey hey hey my friends! I hope you had a smashing weekend! I'm back today to show you the bedding progress I've made on my darling daughter K's room. I'm getting so excited about her entire room makeover because I'm finally to the point that I can see the finish line. If you are new here you can see all the posts about her room here. Last week I showed you the new bed we got for K: I LOVE this bed! Seriously. I'm smitten. Now it's time to get some pretty bedding to go along with the pretty new bed. I searched for bedding for a few months. I wanted to find … [Read more...]

Hibiscus pillow from a bedsheet

A few months back I scored several decorative pillows from my neighbor's garage sale, all for $1 each. A dollar for a pillow is cheaper than buying a bag of pillow stuffing! If you need a pillow, like, right this very second, or you just aren't lucky enough to find a garage sale 3 doors down with dollar pillows, Goodwill always has a plethora of crappy pillows to choose from. Then I found this purdy teal flat sheet at Walmart for only five bucks. Yes, I went to Walmart. {sigh} I try to avoid it at all costs (you guys know how much I love Target!}, but sometimes I head over … [Read more...]

How to make a pillow from a placemat; the easiest DIY sewing project ever

Alrighty kids, I've had one too many Diet Dr Peppers today and I'm feeling jittery! I guess I need to go lay down on my... BRAND.NEW.... Pillow! Yuppers, I made a Placemat Pillow. I know what you are thinking, "Another blogger made yet another pillow from a placemat..." It's true. No excuses here. I'm going where no man too many men women have gone before. I'm about the 10 thousandth person to make a placemat pillow. Hopefully my plethora of pictures and my awesome tutorial writing skills will make my Placemat Pillow more awesomespice than the rest of them. For … [Read more...]

Please don’t wipe your face on these. {Cloth napkin pillows}

Aren't these cloth napkins I bought at Target so stinkin' pretty?! They were on clearance for $2.08 each, which honestly wasn't that much off of the original price, but I just LOVE the fabric! So of course I had to have them. But us Hepworths and cloth napkins don't mix. We are a casual group of eaters that prefer cheap-o napkins from IKEA or even just a paper towel. But the fabric! It's so pretty. And I just had to have it anyway. So I concocted a plan for these beautiful napkins. Why not make some pillows for my piano room? I already had the pillow forms... I … [Read more...]