Painting the Dining Room + cutting in tips (video)

As you can tell from the title, today's post is about painting the dining room. When we moved in, the dining room was RED. Like, RED red. It was so dark red that IMO if felt like a cave in there. No matter how open the blinds were, or how bright of bulbs I put in the fixture, the room was just dark. It also had these awesome curtains that I'm sure were super expensive and popular in 1995 when the house was built, but UmNoThanks not my style. The curtains came down literally the day we moved in. They were just old and permanently attached which meant that they had about 20 years … [Read more...]

More progress in the basement – the furniture is in!

The basement has furniture! Finally. I thought this day would never come. In the last two posts I talked about removing a wet bar and having carpet installed. You would not believe the difference those two things have made in this space. In the back half of the long narrow main living area in the basement we set up our Ikea sectional and entertainment center. And in the front half of the main living area we set up our foosball table and drum set. The space is not huge like you'd assume a basement would be, but it is big enough for our needs and we are happy with it. … [Read more...]

The smell of new carpet is in the air

The carpet guys left and we have brand-new carpet in our basement! After a month of living here and not using the basement, we can now move the furniture in. So exciting! I left you guys yesterday on pins and needles with the room looking like this: I'm sure the suspense was just killing you. "What carpet did they choose?" "What color?" "Is it long or short nap?" Don't fret, I am back today with the carpet details so you can breath a sigh of relief. The carpet installers came in and ripped up all the old carpet and the pad. They swept the floor but it wasn't up to my … [Read more...]

Ripping out the wet bar in the basement & prepping for carpet

We are mostly moved in now and finally have tackled our first DIY project in the new house! The basement desperately needed new carpet, but before we can have carpet installed I wanted to remove the wet bar in the basement. Here are some "before" photos: The wet bar wasn't completely offensive or anything, I just didn't like the placement of it. As you can see in the pictures, the basement main living area is long and narrow, yet the bar had been installed along the long wall making the room even more narrow and broken up into smaller less usable spaces. I knew right away the … [Read more...]

How to hang a heavy full-length leaner mirror on the wall

Last November when I hosted a local Kirkland's grand opening event I found the perfect mirror for my daughter's room. The mirror has a beveled mirror edge around it and looks glam enough for a tween girl's bedroom. It is a full-length floor leaner mirror, but I wanted it hung on the wall. Here's the pretty beveled edge: The mirror came with a stand on the back so that it could stand freely on the ground while leaning a bit. I wanted it hanging on the wall, but the stand on the back was in the way. It also didn't come with any hanging brackets, so I had to add that as … [Read more...]

Craftsman style moulding makes me happy

Hey y'all! How the heck are ya? Hopefully not freezing to death. Even in Austin, where it's usually H-O-T, it has been so fr-fr-fr-freezing cold I can hardly stand it. I'm so used to hot weather that I pretty much just shut down and hibernate if the temps get below 50 degrees. I seriously cannot stand cold weather! Well, fortunately Saturday the weather gods shined upon us for one glorious day and we had temps in the high 70s. As soon as I felt that warm air, it light a fire under me and I started a project I've drooled about for 9 months now. The last time I mentioned our living room it … [Read more...]

Carnival-themed baby shower, a photo booth, & a cupcake stand tutorial

Back in October my sister's best friend and I hosted a Carnival-themed baby shower for my pregnant sister. It turned out so fun and creative. The shower was hosted at my house but credit for the majority of the planning and decorating goes to my sister's best friend, Stephanie. I like to keep things simple (I'm cheap and lazy) but Stephanie totally knocked this out of out the park. The only downside to hosting the party outside at 4pm was that the lighting was terrible with shadows all over the place. It wasn't noticeable in person, but the photos really enhance all the shadows. The … [Read more...]