Replacing a broken in-sink soap pump with a sink hole cover

Today I'm sharing with you the easiest quick fix. I'm kicking myself that I waited almost two years to tackle this simple project. Here's my kitchen sink. It's definitely not my favorite (I still weep over my under-mount stainless steel single bowl sink in our last house), but it does the job for now. This entire situation you see going on here will hopefully be gutted this year. Hopefully. If you look a little closer, you'll notice this in-sink soap pump. This thing has been broken since the day we moved in. Yup, we've lived here almost 2 years and we have never used it. So I … [Read more...]

My sliding door handle broke. Here’s how I replaced it.

Helloooo my friends! How are you? I am doing great! Well, except for the fact that my entire body hurts. I started Crossfit this week and have gone twice. I now can no longer move my legs or arms. I am so sore! It's a good kind of sore though. It's the type of sore you get when you can tell that you are getting toned and in shape. Now I need to just keep on going and turn this into a habit. So, my sliding door handle broke. It was shut and locked, and the lock literally broke off in my hand. Uh oh. Now what? How on earth do you get a locked door open when the lock breaks off? … [Read more...]