When bad ideas happen to good people…

I had the best idea last night!! I'm living in an apartment right now so I don't have a garage for my projects. I can't even do them on my porch at the moment so I did what any creative crafty gal would do. I improvised!! Best. Idea. Ever. Right?! I was pleased as punch with myself for coming up with such a creative way to spray paint!! Just pleased as punch until my husband came home from work and tried to cook some dinner... My entire kitchen - floors, counters, stove, even the dog bowl! - was covered in the extra spray from the spray paint. Ya, for realz. My amazing sweet … [Read more...]

Oh yes, they did.

Remember my rant the other day (or was it yesterday?) about my porch? (It's here if you want to catch up.) I'm staring at a blue tarp. Still. I received a letter today stating that once they get their permits signed (did you catch that? They haven't gotten the permits signed. Grrr) They are ASSURING me that the porch will be done in 2-3 weeks from the time the permits are signed. Wait. What? 2-3 weeks? You heard me. 2-3 weeks to finish once the permit is actually signed. Which, let me remind you that I am in California, the state of inefficiency, will be a total of at least 5-6 … [Read more...]

OMG OMG OMG I’m dying peeps! Surge in traffic

Holy sh@! batman! I'm dying. I started tracking my blog on Saturday using Google Analytics. Like as in, this past Saturday March 6th. On Saturday I had 25 unique visitors. YAY!! TWENTY FIVE visitors!!! Seriously, I don't even have that many friends, so I was so super thrilled. Weeeeell, you my new blogging friends, seriously rock! No, for serious. You do. Today I checked again. Um, I can't even breath slow enough to post this. You ready? (God, I love blogging, BTW)... FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY NINE unique visitors! I'm serious as a heart attack! 569. I don't even know that many … [Read more...]

It’s just a closet…

Seriously, right? Why bother. Weeeell, just a tiny bit of paint really does help. A lot. Seriously. My favorite colors are neutral tans. White is just to hospital-ish. Just adding some paint to the walls in your closet really makes it so much warmer. Just see for yourself... BEFORE: AFTER: I know! Fo shizzle, right?! Check out some more angles: Before: After: Before: After: Ain't my boy just ah-dorable! Now I just need to add a better light fixture so my pictures aren't so dark! Wouldn't a cute little chandelier be just so... cute?! Oh, and I painted all the … [Read more...]

Oh no they didn’t!

For six months I get to live in the SUNSHINE STATE! One reason I am enjoying my stay here is the beautiful weather. The sun shines, the temperature is perfect, there's a subtle breeze. Did I mention the sunshine? Here's what my view looks like from my living room: Nice, right?! And SUNNY!! Three weeks ago we received notice that all apartments would be receiving a balcony renovation. Great! Mine could certainly use new tile. The renovation was suppose to last only a few days - long enough to rip out the tile and lay new tile. Can you understand my frustration when, THREE WEEKS … [Read more...]

My House

I've added a new tab! I'll post it here as well, but I tabbed it so it's easy to find and link back to. Click here to link to the tab. I'm from TEXAS, yee haw!! and my home is in a suburb of Dallas. Here is a picture of it the day we closed on it in October 2008. Currently though I'm living in an apartment in CALIFORNIA. It's long and complicated, but related to my husband's job. We will live in a furnished apartment in Beverly Hills from January 2010 - June 2010. After that we will move back home to Texas. Here is the view from my balcony. Here are a few pictures of my … [Read more...]

New shelves

Here's my breakfast nook/dining room: I don't like the picture on the wall and wanted to put something else there instead. I found these totally adorable shelves at Ross. The big one was $10 and the little one was $7. Lucky me! So I hung them up instead of the picture. Notice my plant? … [Read more...]