Blog Swap: 733 – – – A Creative Blog

Today I'm doing a blog swap with Kim from Seven Thirty Three! If you'd like to see my tutorial on how to make some totally rockin' fab decor balls using BEANS head on over to her blog and check it out! Here's a teeny tiny sneak peek of my decor balls: Just click on the image to go see my wicked cool tutorial on how to make some crazy decor balls! Now for the par-tay!!! Here's Kim, from 733 - - - A Creative Blog! ******************* Hey HOH readers! I am Kim from seven thirty three - - - a creative blog. You'll find a lot of crafty stuff in my little corner of … [Read more...]

Removing Cabinets & a Wall

Do you remember waaaay back when I showed you this picture? It's from a post I made about three and a half weeks ago (hey, that is a reeeeally long time in blog time!) called "OMG OMG OMG I'm dying peeps!". (Wasn't I so cute back then? Boy how time flies...) Well, as previously promised I'm ready to show you the money. Here's the start to finish of this messy project. When we bought the house it looked like this: Gross right? This house is SO 80's. And I'm so over the 80's. Besides ripping out all that horrible paneling and the brown crown molding (don't flame! I … [Read more...]

Now accepting Sponsors

I just want to let everyone know that House of Hepworths will now be accepting Sponsors. Don't freak out! This is a good thing. A very good thing!! First off, to read more about placing your add on my site, click here or click on my brand-spankin'-new tab at the top called the oh-so-original "Sponsor". I LOVE this blog. In fact, I spend more hours a day with my new baby blog than my own children. Adding Sponsors will only allow me to have the resources to blog more. Can't get enough of House of Hepworths already? Imagine how awesome it will be with a teensey tiny bit of … [Read more...]

What goes around comes around || flower vase DIY

My husband took my baby girl (she's 5) out one Saturday morning for breakfast. When they came home she had a vase with flowers in it - just for moi! Yay!! Hubs is sweet like that (for bringing me flowers, NOT for ditching me for breakfast) Eventually the flowers died (these things lasted like 3 weeks!) and I was left with this cute little vase. I'm such a sucker for little glass vases. So most normal people would probably just give it to Goodwill, but I buy from Goodwill, not donate to Goodwill. I think it would be morally wrong for me to actually give something to Goodwill. … [Read more...]

Trash Stand || candle stand from trash DIY

Okay, peeps, I have to warn you up front that it's late, and I'm in a mood. I'm sure you have noticed I'm a *tad* sarcastic on occasion... well, tonight it's srsly off the hook. With that being said, this next project is totally dope. I'm sure you are scratching your head with the title. It is not a typo! I took trash - before I threw it in the garbage - I am not a total sick-o, yuck! - and glued it all together with Monkey Glue... and then a Stand was born. So picture the candlestick I cut apart the other day (Are you picturing it?) Now picture that adorable fabulous cloche I made … [Read more...]

Basic stuff I use

I've had quite a few people post comments or email me asking what products I'm using in my posts. I decided to go ahead and post a list of items I generally keep on hand. This is not a comprehensive list by any stretch of the imagination. I've just picked out the items that I use most on a day-to-day crafting basis. (This is from my Keepin' Myself Busy post.) Okay, for starters... Spray Paint. I own LOTS of Spray Paint. I primarily use Rust-oleum, but I use other brands as well. Here's what I currently have on-hand. From L to R: Rust-oleum for Plastic items - black, … [Read more...]

Wooden Candle Sticks

These candlesticks came from Goodwill (gasp! Shocker... I know). I think they were $3 for the set. (Please try really hard to ignore my laundry in the background! I've got to be more aware of things like that before I start taking pictures. Oops.) I really liked the shape of them and I liked the price even more! However, I did not like that they were the same height. *Having the same height candlesticks (or any accessory) is not visually pleasing to the eye, so I decided to cut a section out of one of the candlesticks.* If I were at my real house I would have used my … [Read more...]