My Candy Store

Do you remember yesterday when I showed you this: I still can't believe I found it at Goodwill for only $24.99. It was disgusting though. Totally gross and grimy and icky. Just take a closer look. There was a logo on the glass I had to scrape off as well as a few stickers. The entire machine was really dusty and grimy. Would you eat candy that came out of that? I'm not sure this machine ever got cleaned after it was manufactured in 1984. I really love this gumball machine though so I just took a deep breath and started taking it apart. Ewwww. Ewwww. And Ewwwww. I … [Read more...]

Keepin’ myself busy

I've hit a few Goodwill Stores the past few weeks in search of some great decor to refurbish. I'm stuck in LA until the end of June and I can't do much to this apartment, so at least I'll keep myself busy now! Check out my awesome finds!: These are metal, so they are great, just ugly. I'm going to paint them and use them for a cool project! I'm pretty sure I'm going to use these separate. I'd love to paint the box white and copy this: Which can be found at Wonderfully Wordy. As for the stand, not sure yet... Can you believe i got these balls for $1 each?! And two of them … [Read more...]

Kids Artwork – display it in style

My kids LOVE to draw. As Thrifty Decor Chick would say, they luuuurve it! What they love even more than that though is displaying it! Here is your step-by-step guide on great ways to display their great works of art as well as how NOT to display it! Here's how my kids display their masterpieces: This would obviously fall under the category of how NOT to display artwork. Here are a few great ideas I've found on friendly tasteful ways to display all this paper! Clothesline it! Frame it! Clipboard it! (Ideas courtesy of Emily Clark.) Curtain rod it! Easy-change frame … [Read more...]

You’re special plate DIY

Today for Flashback Friday is the "You Are Special" plate. I've seen this plate around for years and wanted to make my own version of it. Here's the original idea: In 2005 I went to a local "paint your own pottery" shop and created my own version. The plate is mainly for my children so I added this on the back: My favorite part of the plate are the swirls: I'm mostly pleased with the plate I made. It's definitely more my style than the original plate. What matters most though is that my kids love it because it helps them to feel like the king/queen for the day. … [Read more...]

Featuring Moi!

I've got some links over at Fingerprints on the Fridge for her Feature Yourself Friday McLinky! Also, some even better news!!! Fingerprints on the Fridge FEATURED me this week!! Seriously! I'm shocked, stoked, and so excited!!!! Here are my cupcakes!Yay!!! I've officially been featured for the very first time! And it was on a totally amazing awesome blog with an even more amazing awesome owner! If you don't have Fingerprints on the Fridge in your RSS yet, DO IT NOW. THANK YOU Rachelle. You've totally made my day week! … [Read more...]

Before & after: accessories edition

Spray paint. Lots and lots of spray paint. After: Before: After: Before: After: (picture on the left) Before: After: Added 3/26/2010 - to see this knife block updated even further, click on this link: Fun With Vinyl! Before: After: … [Read more...]

Goodwill find updated!

Small post, but fun anyway... I bought this at Goodwill A little paint later (butter cream acrylic)... You like all my junk in the background? I guess I could have at least pretended like I am neat and organized... I'm still not sure what I'm actually going to do with this little accessory. I may or may not use it as a candle holder. Not really sure where to put it. I'll find it a nice home soon. Ideas? Post them in the comments section. … [Read more...]