Tile step patch

This project was a big mess. I put months of thought into exactly how I was going to tackle this patch job. Here's what I started with: We ripped out all the paneling and the railing. We were left with a carpet-covered step. Here's the step mid-family room renovation: The problem is that the carpet wrapped up the step and about 6" onto the kitchen floor. Not only did this look tacky, the carpet was getting really dirty from normal wear and tear in the kitchen. After I removed the carpet I was left with this: Yikes! There were several ties that were chipped or were … [Read more...]

2nd Bath B&A

AFTER: Before: AFTER: Before: I know, I know it doesn't look like much. But just trust me, it was a lot of work! The blue walls were textured by some texture-in-a-can garbage and had the consistency of sand paper. I cut my pinkie knuckle on the wall once and it actually bled! I used my electric hand sander and sanded all the walls (huge mess!). Then I scraped all the popcorn off the ceiling. I gave the ceiling a fresh coat of white and then I painted the walls Kilim Beige from Sherwin Williams. I also painted all the molding white and changed out the … [Read more...]

First house renovation…

The first room we decided to tackle was the Family Room. It's still a work in progress (a year later) but it's coming along. The DAY WE MOVED IN I started ripping the paneling off the walls. That's how much I loathed that paneling. Here's a play by play of the destruction of our living room. Before pictures: Taking down the paneling Almost done with the paneling... Now we have to work on those walls. Ack! Those squiggles all over the walls are where the paneling was glued to the sheetrock. When we ripped the paneling down, parts of the glue stuck to the wall and we … [Read more...]

Homemade playdough

Making playdough is so much more fun than buying it. Making it is half the fun in playing with it! I found this awesome easy recipe at Homemade Mamas. 1 cup flour 1/2 cup salt 2 Tbsp. oil 2 tsp. cream of tartar 1 cup water food coloring Mix all of the ingredients together in pot (nonstick if you have it). Cook over medium high heat, stirring frequently until it forms a ball. Turn out onto counter, let cool, then knead a few times. You can mix food coloring in before or after you cook it. It keeps best in refrigerator. A few things to keep in mind: Make sure you … [Read more...]

Sponge Koosh balls

My kids love these! I got this idea from Homemade Mamas and I just HAD to make them for my kids! They are so super easy and make bath time so much more fun. We can't wait for summer so we can take them to the pool!! They are a great alternative to water balloons - easy to fill, no rubber trash to clean up, reusable... Okay, so here's how to make these fun water bombs... Buy a package of sponges. I bought a 6-pack of sponges and two 4-packs. I wanted a variety of colors. Cut each sponge lengthwise into 4 strips. Arrange whatever pattern you want. You need two layers four sponge … [Read more...]

Cakes in cones

These cupcakes are so cute and so easy to make! Seriously, aren't they adorable? They are cake baked inside an ice cream cone with icing on top! Why have messy cake or cupcakes with liners to throw out when you can have yummy cake cones instead? You can even make them in cute mini sizes! Despite what other websites might tell you to do, I've tried making these several ways and this way is by far the easiest and best. So here's how to make them: Cake mix Ingredients listed on back of cake mix box sugar cones icing sprinkles or whatever … [Read more...]

Fireplace makeover

It's amazing what a little paint can do! Before: After: This photo is from my cell phone so pardon the crappy quality. Here is a better picture of the finished fireplace. Long story, but I can't take an "after" picture right now Now here's how I did it: The fireplace has some type of cheap pressed molding around it. It's fake wood that is covered in this plastic-like paper that looks like cherry wood stain. The first thing I did was tape off the area and prime the molding. I used two coats of cheap white primer. I was afraid the paint would peel off if I … [Read more...]