Entry table gets Christmas-ified

We’re in the final stetch before Christmas and I’m determined to get every.single.last.Christmas-related-post. up before the 25th. I think I can do it!


I’ve been tweaking my new entry table trying to get a cute setup on it.

When I first showed it to you guys it looked like this:

empty and ready for filling!

It then morphed into this hodge-podge of random Christmas stuff.


After that I hit IKEA and found this black table runner for $5.


I LOVE the table runner. It really brings everything together and anchors it.

Finally I completed my glitter frame and added it to the mix.


When I showed y’all the new frame I had quite the interest in these cute little reindeer.

Aren’t they just the sweetest things?

IMG_0453  IMG_0455

I got them from Target after Christmas last year on clearance.


I’ve seen some very similar to these this year but they are gold. Hopefully I’ll be able to score some after Christmas on clearance.

I hung a Dollar Store ornament on the lamp shade.


And the pinecone frame can be found HERE.

If you are curious about the pine tree trimmings, you can read about them HERE.

The silver snowflake trivets were a gift to me several years ago. I don’t have any info on them. Sorry.

There you go! That is how the entry table ended up decorated this year. It will be fun to see how it evolves as the year goes on.


Jesus is the reason for the season!


Hookin Up with HoH #29

* Share.Inspire.Create. will be posted SUNDAY, December 26th instead of Saturday in lieu of Christmas.*

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To see last weeks party, click HERE!

I love going through these links each week. I’m in awe at all the talent there is in this world. Here are a few things I especially loved.

Possible made adorable leg warmers for her baby. Cute ruffle bloomers? Check. Cute baby bum? Check. Cute Santa leg warmers? Check.

Suzy’s Sitcom made some one-time-use hand soaps. Aren’t they cute and fun?!

Sunny’s Life in Rehab made beach themed ornaments. Creative and unique and I love them.

Dream Home DIY shows how to easily make your own sleigh bells.

My Forever House made bags from a shower curtain. Love this idea! So original!!

Jane of all Crafts (who has the most clever blog name!) made this stinkin’ cute candy wreath.

I’ve seen tons of cone Christmas Trees around blogland, but these are the only ones I’ve seen made from sweaters. Crafts and Sutch is the creative genius behind these cute cones.

My Life as a Prose made these cute curtains for her living room.

Life in my PJs made these cute apothecary jars using a vase, glass bowl, and candlestick from the dollar store. I’ve seen the candlestick and vase jars everywhere (I even made some) but the lid is a brilliant idea! She also made the cute little cheese dome cloche.

If you’ve been featured grab a button and tell everyone!

But wait, there’s more…


Confessions of Christmas

I have a few confessions to make.

Confession #1:

I label all my Christmas gifts with a SHARPIE.


I know, it’s horrible. Most people use ribbon and bows and beautiful gift tags. I use a sharpie.


My parents have done it since I was little, and it just rubbed off on me. I can’t imagine labeling gifts any other way.

Confession #2:

Yesterday I threw away all the Christmas candy and the homemade gingerbread houses that the kids made.

I didn’t want the candy temptation around me anymore because I’ve put on a few pounds (8 actually) this season and my clothes are.not.fitting. at the moment.

Confession #3:

I forgot to water the tree.


And now it’s so dead and dry that I’m afraid it’s going to catch on fire.

Confession #3.1:

I arranged all the gifts for this picture. They were stacked and scattered all over the place. The kids like to pretend the gifts are building blocks. And I let them.

Confession #4:

Wanna know why the tree looks so sparse all of a sudden?


When ornaments fall off the tree, or the kids and dog knock them off, I don’t re-hang them. I toss them in a bin and they won’t come back out of said bin until December 2011.


HORRIBLE Confession #5:

Kinsey (my 6 year old) got into a heated argument with my husband. She INSISTED that Jesus was born in Hobby Town.

No amount of explaining on Ben’s part would convince her that Jesus was born in LITTLE Town of Bethleham, NOT HOBBY Town (the hobby store near our house that sells trains and hobby stuff.)

Confession #6:

I never finished decorating.



Confession #7:

I promised you guys in THIS POST that I’d show you the fancy stockings I made in 2000. I never did. Here they are.


I never hung them. Maybe next year.


Confession #8:

Every year right before Christmas I get so sick of all the extra decor around my house that I have to fight the urge to pack it all away until after Christmas day.

Ben’s brother asked Ben over the phone last night when we were taking our tree down. Ben’s reply, “Oh, she likes to take it down about 10 minutes after we are done unwrapping the gifts.”

He was only partly kidding. The tree is usually at the curb for recycling by the afternoon on the 26th and the decor is usually packed away that morning.

Confession #9:

I baked. And didn’t take pictures. And am not going to blog about it.


But I pulled this toffee out of the fridge and took a photo for you.


And here’s the delicious recipe but I’m not doing a separate blog post about it.

Hershey Bar Toffee
2 sticks butter
1 C sugar
1/4 C water
1/4 C finely chopped almonds
1 large Hershey Bar (king sized)
1/2 C finely chopped pecans or walnuts (I prefer walnuts)
*Must use a metal saucepan that does not contain any non-stick material.
Melt butter in saucepan. Add sugar and water. Once boiling add almonds. Boil until it reaches 302 degrees or hard ball/crack stage. Stir constantly. Pour in a greased cookie sheet and spread out evenly. Put Hershey squares on top. Spread chocolate once melted. Top with pecans or walnuts. Place in fridge until hard. Break into pieces and store in air tight container in fridge. *Recipe courtesy of HouseofHepworths.com.

Confession #10:

I let my kids decorate pretty much any way they’d like. Including stacking all the nativity magnets one on top of the other on the fridge.



Confession #11:

I have like 20 billion pictures and posts saved up that are un-Christmas related that I can’t wait to post for you guys. But I need to get all these Christmas posts up before the 25th. Who wants to read about all this Christmas stuff mid-January? I didn’t think so. Me neither.


Those are my Christmas Confessions. Just grab a sharpie and write Scrooge on me. Or Grinch. Either will work.

I do love the holidays. I just wanted to get those things off my chest.

Do YOU have any confessions?

Merry Christmas!

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