adding moulding to rounded corners

In November I added moulding and paint to my piano room.


One of the things I did in this room was added moulding around the windows.


It’s easy enough to add moulding around windows, but I had a unique situation that caused quite a bit of drama for me.

All the corners in our house have rounded edges.


If you look at the wall leaving the piano room and entering the foyer, you can see another rounded corner.


As you can see, when the moulding was hung it left a gaping gap between the moulding and the wall.


I knew before I hung the moulding that this would be an issue for me. I actually had been contemplating how to deal with this issue from the day we put an offer on the house.

Eventually I’d love to have moulding around all the windows in the enter house, and these rounded edges really proposed a big problem for me. After much thought and stewing over this issue, I finally decided that the most cost effective solution would be to fill the gap as opposed to covering it with something. At first I was considering framing out the inside of each sill with a thin piece of wood, but that will get pricey and is a lot of work.

Here’s what I came up with, and I think it solved the problem beautifully.

Joint Compound.


If you’ve never worked with this stuff, you are seriously missing out! I love using joint compound.


It has a consistency of whipped frosting and goes on as smooth as butteh’. It dries quickly and is easy to sand. You can paint it. It’s also easy to wash off your hands and tools.

I simply filled the gap around the entire window with the joint compound. I used a putty knife to apply it.


Just blob it into the space and then smooth it out with the putty knife. Make sure to wipe away any excess that gets on your moulding.

Once it was dry I gave it a nice light sanding with a sanding block.


Joint compound will crack if you put it on too thick, and since the space I was filling was rather deep the joint compound did crack in several areas, which I anticipated.


All I did was add a 2nd coat of joint compound and then sand again when it was dry.

It’s not even painted yet and it’s already so much better looking.


When the joint compound was dry and done being sanded I painted over it with the same high-gloss white paint I used on the moulding.


You can see both windows from this picture. You can’t even tell I ever had an issue with the rounded corners!


Pretty impressive, right? This is why I love joint compound. And the entire container was only around $7. I’ve got plenty more leftover to tackle several more windows.


Here’s the room in it’s current state.

Obviously it needs a lot more work (decorating). It’s coming along though. Next thing I need to do is fix the 2nd set of blinds so I can rehang them.

Joint compound is great for lots of different uses. Filling huge gaps in walls is just another one of it’s many talents. I could have used Spackling, but Spackling is thicker and doesn’t spread as easily and fluid as joint compound. Spackling is great for small projects like filling nail holes in walls, but if you have a big project, use joint compound instead.


Organizing all the paper chaos

I HATE paperwork. I hate sorting junk mail. I hate remembering to pay bills. I hate keeping track of it all.

I love my childrens cute artwork they bring home from school, but I swear it multiplies over night like rabbits!

I was blog reading the other day and saw this post by A Bowl Full of Lemons.

I get tons of great ideas on blogs, but usually they stay that way – as ideas. But not this post. I literally dropped what I was doing (reading blogs) and went to the office and collected my supplies.


A Bowl Full of Lemons mobile command center is way cuter than mine, but I used what I had on hand. I may update it with a cute organizer and a fun calendar for the front.

The ONLY part of this idea I can claim as my own is where I write “Ben”, “Allison”, “Travis”, & “Kinsey” on the labels instead of “John”, “Toni”, “Alex”, “Gavin”, & “Abigail”.


All the other tabs I copied straight from her tutorial and pictures.

Hey, I’m all about creativity, but I have NO SHAME in being a complete and utter copy-cat if I find an idea that is already excellent.

I used this label maker to create all the labels on my tabs.


My parents gave it to me years ago, but I’m sure you can still buy something similar at an office supply store.

Here’s the finished product!


It honestly has improved my life. I use to have a huge pile of clutter on the counter. Now I have this easy-to-access file system. Brilliant idea Toni! Thanks!!

As I was browsing her blog for other ideas, I realized I featured her a few weeks ago at my Hookin’ Up party for her other great organization tips for her main file system:

She also has some great tips for organizing your pantry. My favorite tips are to use baskets and drawers.

Go over and say hi! Tell her I’m bragging about her and I love her tips. 😉

If you want to make your very own file system like mine {but make yours cuter, m-kay?!!} …


Check out her step-by-step tutorial HERE.


(Not so) quick Christmas recap

(Pssst… Will you take 2 seconds and click on this link at Picket Fence Blogs to vote for me?! Just by clicking I will receive one vote. Thanks!! xoxo)

Well, the big day finally arrived and went off without a hitch!

The kids avoided the naughty list and were visited by Santa himself and his messy reindeer.


The reindeer loved the reindeer food the kids left out for them (oatmeal mixed with sprinkles and glitter) but they made a huge mess! Santa also enjoyed the plate of cookies left for him.

I tortured the kids this year and made them pose for tons of pictures.


They are dying to open their gifts while I make them sit and pose.

I won’t bore you with all the gifts that were given and received, but I want to share two.

This gift is from my inlaws. My mother-in-law scores “Most Creative Wrapping”.


She wrapped a variety of Bath and Body Works stuff to look like a fruit basket. So adorable!

The second gift is one my son made. He wrote on an ornament and wrapped it up for me.


“#1 Mom” on one side…

…and “HoH Rocks” on the other.

Can my son be any sweeter?

We spent Christmas Eve at my In-Laws house. I was insistent on not using the flash AT ALL based on some tutorials I read, and most of my pictures turned out fuzzy. Note to self, sometimes it’s okay to use a flash.

Here’s one of the-self-proclaimed-GEEK and me.


(He bought me a shirt for Christmas that says “I <3 My Geek" and a pair of panties that says “I’m Blogging This.” :))

Here are the rascals dressed in their Christmas Best.


Christmas day afternoon was spent at my parents house with my siblings and 7 wild kids!

Here are most of my sisters (minus my oldest – Natalie who was consoling a crying toddler, and the 10 year old – Rachael)

L to R: Ben (my Geek), Me (Mrs. House of Hepworths), My sister Merideth, her husband Dan, Chad (Lindsey’s boyfriend), and Lindsey my other sister.

Great picture minus Ben’s wonky face! What on earth? He must have blinked at the wrong moment.

Like I said, most of my pictures didn’t turn out thanks to operator error (I was running the camera so that would be ME), but here’s a cute one of my cutie-patootie nephew Ethan and me.


Sunday morning I awoke to this disaster:


What a mess! Christmas was fun, but such a disaster!

After a full day of cleaning, the room is now looking a bit better…


And most of the Christmas decor has made its way to a pile in the {empty} dining room.


The lantern and the Cloches sit lonely and bare…


recap12  recap11
“Please fill us with something pretty! We are lonely!”

The bathroom is de-glitter pinecone-ified


And the only trace of Christmas in the piano room is the tree stand indention in the carpet.


What a wonderful weekend filled with amazing family, yummy food, and perfect gifts.

I’m thankful that this tree didn’t catch on fire:

And I’m thrilled that the Christmas decor is almost all packed away.

Ben and I (but mainly ME!) are going to start painting this living room this week! Eek! I can’t wait.


I’m going to continue to pack away as much stuff as possible and start removing everything from the walls. So far we’ve agreed to paint, but I’m hoping to get a bunch of moulding hung as well.

I hope your holiday was filled with good food and great friends and family!

Stay tuned for a play-by-play of us painting the family room. I’m also hoping to create something (a surprise) to hang on the wall in the piano room, so cross your fingers I get around to that too!

How was your weekend?

Have a great week as you gear up for 2011!

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