These shoes rule

In October I showed y’all some shelves my hubbs hung for our shoes.

It’s been so nice having somewhere to stash all our shoes.

But we still have too many SHOES.

Okay, on a totally inappropriate side-note, a friend introduced me to the funniest video on youtube called “Shoes”.

The song (and the best part) starts about half way through. Don’t let kids watch this.

I swear, since last year when Billy showed me this, I cannot think about shoes without thinking, “These shoes rule. These shoes suck! Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.”

Okay, so anyway, the point of the post is that I still didn’t have enough space for all the shoes!

Now in case you didn’t know or forgot, I live in Texas. It’s cold like 2 weeks a year here, so we all wear flip-flops for a good 11.5 months a year. We have A LOT of thongs. 😉

So in addition to our shoe shelf, I bought this shoe organizer from Target for about $7.


On a 2nd side note, notice the shoe organizer is clear? Lots of people use these on their door for crafts and toys, so if you want a CLEAR one, they are at Target.

I just hung it up with 3 nails on the wall next to the shoe shelf.


I was going to hang it lower, but the breaker box is in the way. O-well. It still works.

We use the hanging shoe organizer for the flip-flops and the shelves for all the other shoes.


And in case you are wondering if I “staged” the photo… Nope, I really do organize all our shoes by age starting with hubby. He gets the top shelf and pockets, I get the next shelf (or two) and pockets, and so on down to our daughter.


I know it seems so anal to organize like this, but there really is a method to my madness. The taller the person, the higher the shelf. It’s like Goldilocks and baby bear, each shelf is just right for each person.

And if you are my yorkie, Chase, this is what you see.


When you open the door to go in the house the door covers up the shoe organizer, but honestly it hasn’t mattered at all… except Kinsey did get squished behind the door once… Oops. 😉


The moral? I like my shoes organized.

These shoes rule. These shoes suck!

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes!

So, are you freaky anal about the way you organize your shoes? Or is it just me??


The Best of 2010

Happy 2011 my friends!

Well, I’m a day late and a dollar short for my 2010 “Best Of” post, but late is better than never, right?

I’d like to cram a whole lotta crap into one post, so sit back, kick your feet up, and get ready to be visually over-stimulated. Oh, and get your mouse ready because I’m throwing a whole bunch of links your way that you won’t want to miss!

I’ve spent many years wandering around this planet feeling like I didn’t have a passion. I love being a wife and a mother, but often I wondered if there was more out there for me. I just wasn’t completely fulfilled. I didn’t have an burning passion for anything in my life that was just mine. I had this emptiness for many years. I assumed it was depression.

Then on March 2, 2010, my life literally changed forever. After searching for a good 10 years for my passion, I found it. I created it. I downloaded WordPress and I posted my very first post at House of Hepworths. But let me back up a little and start in January of 2010…

In January I saw a beautiful book wreath at my sisters house. She told me she copied a tutorial from Living With Lindsay. I had no idea what that was. A blog? That posted about crafts and not just family updates? Seriously?

I looked up Lindsay’s blog and all of a sudden there was an entire world out there that I didn’t even know existed. How I could be so behind-the-times was beyond me. I mean, I was one of the first people to get a facebook profile when they finally opened it up to everyone, not just college students. I had MySpace when it was still cool. I Googled before anyone knew what Google was. But blogging about crafts? Wow. I had no clue.

From there I found Thrifty Decor Chick who quickly became my hero, my idol. The first blog that got my heart racing so quickly I knew I just HAD to be her. So I sat down and gathered up all the pictures I had from the house I had recently renovated. And I blogged. And by March 10th (8 days later), I had 569 unique visitors. I was hooked. I’d found my passion. I love to craft, I love to TALK, and I love being liked. And now I finally found a way to combine the three in the most narcissistic way possible. Blogging.

And then on April 4th (a month after my first post) the heavens parted and my idol, Thrifty Decor Chick herself, mentioned me and copied me in her Before & After Party. And I had 10,000 hits that week. And my love affair with her grew 10 fold.

And that my friends is my story. What a ride this year has been! I wrote 328 posts and received almost twelve THOUSAND comments. House of Hepworths received more than 750,000 page views and 345,000 visits. I owe it all to you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for liking my crafts, encouraging me, sharing my blog with your friends, and sending me loads of super-sweet emails.

Here are the 10 posts that received the most comments (excluding giveaways). Click on the image to read the post.



The following posts received the most page views



Here are MY favorite top 10 posts (that were not included above).

#10 Magnetic Chalkboard Message Station

#9 Dollar Store mini stand

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#7 Andy Warhol inspired Chair Art

#6 Caprisun Purses

#5 Christmas Confessions

#4 Wheatgrass tins

#3 Painting & Moulding the piano room

#2 Master Bathroom Renovation

#1 Most Favorite Post in 2010: American Idol Finale

I went to the American Idol Finale in LA and met the top 12 finalists as well as David Archuleta and Paula Abdul (and I hugged her!)

And a HUGE GINORMOUS Thank You to these 20 blogs that gave me the most linky love this year:

{These are in order from #1 – #20}



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      Domestically Speaking

BCD 125    Craft DIY Ideas  

2010 was wicked cool. 2011 will be even crazier! I look forward to this next year with all of you!

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The anti-resolution list

Let’s talk resolutions.

You know, the big list you make once a year… the infamous

New Years Resolutions.


I’m not doing it. I refuse to sit down and make a check list of things I should do this year. I mean, seriously! I forget my resolutions list within the first 3 days of making one, so what’s the point?!

But just for grins and giggles, what resolutions do most people put on their list? What would I put on my list if I actually made one?

The very first thing that comes to mind:

Lose Weight.


Ya, we all want to lose weight. I’ve been on a “diet” since I was 14 and I’m still overweight. What’s the point of adding this to my list? So that I’ll just let myself down again for the 16th year in a row?

(This is Not me!)

But I really do need to lose some weight.

So even though I’m not making any official resolutions, I’ll just add this to my list of goals I want to accomplish in the year 2011.


What next? Hmmm….


Everyone adds exercise to their New Years Resolutions!


Can you get any more generic than Lose Weight and Exercise?

But wait, I’ve actually been planning for a week now that starting January 3rd (the day the kids go back to school) I’m going to hit the ground treadmill running and get healthier. It’s easier to lose weight if I’m exercising too.

Crap. My post about how I’m not making resolutions is sure starting to sound like a New Years Resolution, isn’t it?!

What else do people resolve to do starting January 1st each year?

Eat Healthy!


Ya, that’s so lame! What a generic thing to add to your resolutions list.

Well… I really should start eating healthier this year. Less sugar, more veggies. I’m 30 now and should probably be more aware of what I’m eating to try to avoid getting diabetes which runs in my family.

Okay, so I won’t make an official New Year’s Resolution list, but I’ll just go ahead and add this to my to-do list as well. But it’s not a resolution!

This anti-resolution post is sure starting to sound like a resolution post.

Well, for the sake of the post, let’s continue, shall we?

Debt Free.


Everyone wants to be debt free, right?! What an obvious thing to add to a Resolution list.

But it would be nice to get that last bit of debt paid off this year…

Maybe I’ll just slip this “goal” into the back of my mind to work on this year….



Yes, people love to organize!

As do I! And it would be really awesome if I could once in my life tackle the paperwork laying around that threatens to swallow me whole.

This is sure sounding like a Resolution list, isn’t it?!

What other stuff do people like to add to Resolution lists? You know, generic stuff that everyone adds?


Everyone wants to make more time for family.

Well, isn’t that the reason I moved back to Austin in the first place? To be near my sisters, parents, & in-laws who also all live here in Austin? To let my children grow up knowing their grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and cousins?

I would love to add that to my to-do list… Spending time with Family is a great resolution, er, goal.

Hmmm, I’m stumped. Let me Google it and see if I can find any other things that most people add to their resolution lists. (Click the link. It’s funny!)

Here’s a good list! Thanks Google!

Okay, moving on…

Quit Smoking.


Done! Never started smoking, so that was an easy one!

Enjoy Life More.

How is that even a resolution? It’s not even measurable. I guess I could say, “Get off the anti-depressants this year.” That’s measurable, right?

I mean, assuming you are actually making a resolution list, “getting off anti-depressants” would be more measurable than “Enjoy life more”.

(*This is a JOKE. Please DO NOT stop taking your meds!)

Next on the list,

Quit Drinking.


First off, Why? Secondly, … nope. No secondly. That’s all I got.


And finally, the 10th of the top 10 New Years Resolutions…

Learn Something New.


That’s an easy one. I thrive on researching stuff and learning new things. But it’s NOT a resolution for me because I don’t have a resolution list, remember!?!

So there you go! The top 10 basic Resolutions most people add to their New Year’s Resolution list.

And like I said before, I’m not wasting my time creating New Year’s Resolutions. There’s no point.

But I am glad I wrote down all the things I want to accomplish this year.


Happy New Year, my friends!

Have a safe and fun weekend. Do you have any resolutions, or are you anti-resolution too?

(Thank goodness for lists though!)

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