Hooks are hung, stuff is organized.

I guess since I posted about the guest bathroom yesterday I’ll just segue into a post about some organizational stuff I’ve done in all the bathrooms.

Let’s start with the kids’ bathroom since it is by far the worst/messiest disaster of a bathroom in the house. If I didn’t know better I’d say the kids have been raised in a barn. Here’s their tub/shower.

bathroom storage

Are you picking up a mess vibe? Ya? Me too. In their defense, they simply cannot reach any type of shower organizer that hangs from the shower head. They are kids. Kids are not tall. They also can’t reach the window ledge or the towel bar, so putting items on those surfaces is not an option either (and hello, totally not cute either!).

Command has these new HUGE shower Caddies that look durable and actually stick to your wall with their awesome command strips that I am obsessed with instead of suction cups. (I am not affiliated with 3M or Command. I was not paid to review or write this post. This is not a sponsored/paid post. They did however send me a few of the items mentioned in this post.)

bathroom storage

In addition to the caddy I also hung several hooks. Check out how clean everything looks now!

bathroom storage

I hung the shower caddy low enough that they can both reach it without any acrobatic effort on their part. I also hung a Multi-Hook for all their loofas. Can you tell my son is a tween now? He’s totally into everything “Axe”. Oye.

bathroom storage

While I was in there I also hung a command hook inside the shower for wet swimsuits. It seems logical to have them drip inside the tub instead of all over the wall, baseboard, and floor.

bathroom storage

I also added a few more hooks on the wall next to the tub for the towels. These are more temporary for us as I will eventually hang some beautiful moulding with hardware in there, but for the time being until I can do the bathroom reno these hooks work flawlessly.

bathroom storage

The guest bathroom also got a caddy and a single hook. I can’t believe these caddies are large and strong enough to hold my oversized shampoo and conditioner.

bathroom storage

And following suit, the master shower got organized as well. This time I also added a holder for my razor.

bathroom storage

I like how the razor just barely squeezes between the wall and soap dish. It’s like it was meant to be.

bathroom storage

At our old house I had to use an over-the-door organizer that wasn’t even made for a shower. I wanted to have a caddy but one that goes over the shower-head wouldn’t fit because of the ill-placed soap dish, and I couldn’t use a suction cup one because the tile was textured. These adhesive Command caddies would have been the perfect solution there.

Old house solution:

You may remember I even attempted to remove the soap dish for the sole purpose of hanging a shower organizer. That didn’t quite go as planned…

Another predicament I had in our new bathroom is that there is literally no wall space to put hooks for towels. Zilch. I wanted to do what I did in our old bathroom and hang some pretty hooks…

…but nope. No room. So I did the next best thing. I hung hooks directly on the shower door. Also, don’t be too jealous of my salmon-colored walls. I know you want them in your bathroom.

bathroom storage

Honestly, I am loving this way more than I thought I would. Yay for awesome solutions to annoying first world problems.

bathroom storage

My closet even got a pretty double hook for my robe to hang on. I’d show you the closet but seriously, it’s in no condition to be exposed like that. We’re talking, total gut and overhaul needed in there.

bathroom storage

Okay, and two more non-bathroom related ways I’ve organized around here. First off, I put a command hook (one of their really nice fancy metal ones) on the wall in the mud room for my purse.

bathroom storage

And last but not least, I picked up these baskets at the dollar store I believe? I’m pretty sure they are from the dollar store. Anyway, I got some command hooks and hung the baskets on the wall in the mud room. I also obviously put some shelving in there for all the kids crap, beach towels, laundry stuff, socks, etc. Pretty much everything that would go in a mud room. I need to get started on some built-ins pretty darn quick!

bathroom storage

So basically each kid has a basket. All their stuff goes into the baskets (either stuff I’ve collected while cleaning, or stuff they’ve put in from school or whatever). Once a day they have to take the basket to their room, put everything away, and return the basket to the hook. So far it’s worked well. We’ll see once the novelty wears off. :)

bathroom storage

So, ya, basically I’m obsessed with command hooks and strips. Seriously. I’m obsessed. I have an entire little drawer in my kitchen dedicated to brand-new unused strips and hooks. I hang EVERYTHING up with them. If you want to see a few more ways I’ve organized with Command products, check out A Few Little Updates to my Daughter’s Room, “$2 Outdoor Wreaths Tutorial (Christmas)”, and “Taking Command of the Stockings”.

I tried to link the shower organizing stuff to amazon for ya, but they don’t have it. I know the shower caddy and hooks are available at Walmart. All other command products CAN be found on amazon. Here’s a quick link to the Command store on amazon.

I am not affiliated with 3M or Command. I was not paid to review or write this post. I just really am a huge mega fan of their stuff.


A few little updates to my daughter’s room

Well hello my friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. I appreciate all your sweet comments and support from my previous post about digging out of debt and following Dave Ramsey’s financial plan.

I’ve been trying to tie up little loose ends around the house and this weekend I tackled a project I’ve been meaning to do for probably a year. It took me a total of about 10 minutes. I don’t know why I put these little things off for so long! Both quick projects were in my daughter’s room. I’ve been trying to just finish up this room but it’s all the little finishing touches that I really drag out for far too long!

For starters, she has a full length mirror in her closet:

It has been leaning up against the wall and I’ve been meaning to hang it up so it’s easier for her to use. I finally got around to hanging it, and instead of putting it up on the wall behind her dresses, I stuck it on the inside of her closet door.

It’s so low because she’s a kid and is short! As she grows I’ll move it higher for her, but this height makes sense for her right now.

I have been getting more and more addicted to a new product lately. Have you guys seen the command strips by 3M? These things are the best! I really love the velcro ones for hanging pictures.

I have a serious phobia about wasting random office supplies (I’m whackadoo, I know) so to have these stretch further I like to cut them in half.

If you are using the velcro ones, you just take the top half of your cut and stick it to the bottom half. It’s like a two-fer.

I usually will stick the strips to my frame first, then peel off the paper backing and stick the whole thing to the wall.

One more little update I did was to hang a necklace holder under her earrings frame. I found this cute little knob holder at Hobby Lobby on clearance oh, probably a year ago?, and I’m just now getting around to hanging it. Once again, it took me like 3 minutes tops.

I hung it the same way – with the command strips. Just cut ‘em in half, stick them to the back of your holder, and then slap them up on the wall.

So much easier and less messy than a hammer and nails. And if you ever want to move your frames, there are no holes in your sheetrock. Can you see why these are quickly becoming my favorite go-to item?

Finally, two more little things to check off my daughter’s room list. So close!

PS, this post is not sponsored by anyone. I am writing about command strips because I love them.


That pesky thing called maintenance {air conditioner filters}

As a homeowner, every once in awhile I figure out something that causes me to have an “ah-ha” moment. Or more like an, “Oh dur, I’m such an idiot” moment.

One of the reasons I blog is to share all my mishaps as a clueless homeowner with you so that hopefully I can help at least one person out there not make the same mistakes I’ve made. No need for the both of us to touch a hot stove, right? Learn from my cluelessness.

Over the last several months Ben and I have been figuring out the blasted air conditioner unit. It really amazes me that I’m even allowed to purchase a home. Shouldn’t knowing how to operate an air conditioner be a requirement for home ownership? Apparently not.

We’ve lived in this house just shy of 2 years. The house was 6 when we bought it, which makes the house about 8 years old now. {I may not know how to operate an air conditioner but I can do math!}

When we moved into the house we noticed several large intake vents around the house.

There are 3 upstairs and 2 downstairs. Five intake vents in and of itself seemed like total overkill, but whatevs. I didn’t design the thing. We were pretty annoyed that the previous owners didn’t have any filters in these intake vents. Like, seriously, were they just sucking anything and everything through the 2 units in our attic? {We have 2 air conditioner units in this house – one for each level.}

So we did what any responsible home owner would do; we went and bought 5 air filters for these vents. And then we were extra responsible and didn’t change any of them for over a year! But that is beside the point. After more than a year the house was not cooling as well so we swapped out all the filters for new ones. But the upstairs was still so dang hot. So we called an A/C guy to come out and figure out why the upstairs bedrooms weren’t cooling off very well.

He told us that the A/C units in the attic each have a hefty filter in the actual unit and by adding the 5 additional filters around the house we were making the units work too hard to suck air through. He also mentioned that we should probably change those big honkin’ filters in the units.

Can I get a whomp, whomp, whomp? Whoops. My bad.

So we took out the 5 filters around the house and all was right with the world. Well, that’s actually not true. We still had to deal with the big fat filters in the units themselves. And can I just note here that up until a few months ago we literally HAD NO IDEA there were filters in the attic? Yup, we are awesome like that.

I know this sounds crazy but I am very partial to only one kind of filter – the 3M Filtrete Filters. (This is NOT a 3M post. I honest to god just love their filters.) I’ve even blogged about my love for these filters here.

I have had a hard time finding these large 4″ thick air filters at any local store so I reached out to True Value Hardware about getting some from them because they have them for sale online! {If you want to order any for your house, make sure they are the correct size first, and here’s the link to the filters.}

Have you heard of True Value Hardware? I’m sure you have because they love working with bloggers. They are so good to me. The fine folks at True Value Hardware kindly sent me several new Filterete filters – two for the units plus several extra for when we need to change ‘em out.

Check out how huge these things are:

In order to install them we would have to brave the attic stairs of death, though.

I hate going into our attic! It’s hard to tell from this angle but the stairs are literally right next to that half wall overlooking the foyer. I am terrified I will fall off the stairs and over the wall. Yes, I’m just a little itty bitty bit afraid of heights. How did you know?

So I made Ben brave the stairs ’cause I’m nice like that. He carried our new filters up into the attic and I followed behind with the camera. And no, I didn’t fall to my death, thank goodness.

So like I said before, we have two units up there. Ben is kindly pointing them out for you to see.

Changing the filters couldn’t have been easier. I’m embarrassed that it took us almost 2 years. You’re suppose to change them like every 6 months or so. Whoopsie. Except the Filtrete filters are awesome so you only have to change them once a year.

Okay, so just find the little door on your unit where the filter is stored. Our A/C guy showed us where it was located but honestly I’m sure you can find it. It’s a big door!

Before you go tearing out the old filter just make note of the direction of air flow on the filter so you can put the new one in the right direction.

Pull the old nasty filter out…

And stick the new filter in making sure the little arrow for the direction of air flow is pointing the same direction. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

And now he maneuvers past all the closet doors I made him stick up in the attic. Have I ever mentioned my complete and utter distain for closet doors? Especially in the kids’ rooms? They seriously take up so much floor and wall space. I just hate ‘em so I took them all down and shoved them in the attic.

Anyway… Here’s Ben lunging for the other unit so he can swap out that filter as well.

And we are done. What a piece of cake.

Moral of the story? Know whether your A/C unit has a filter in it or not. And if it does, change it more than once every 2 years.

Case in point?… Here are the at-least-2-years-old-if-not-even-older-than-that filters:

I hope you aren’t eating breakfast right now ’cause check out how disgusting this thing is!

That is more than 2 years worth of dust and debris.

It’s no wonder the house is a) always totally covered in dust (seriously, I dust constantly!) and b) our house doesn’t cool very well, especially now that we are in the summer months in Texas, which equate to days and days and days of 100 degree weather.

In fact, check out the temperature upstairs before we changed the filters in spite of the fact that I set it at 76 degrees:

Yes, you read that right. We had our unit set at 76 degrees but the upstairs was up to 86 degrees. Those filthy filters were making it really hard for the unit to cool off the house. And can I just add that once the new filters were in place the house suddenly cooled off so quickly that we had to turn the temperature higher because we were getting cold! Yay for clean air filters and double yay for True Value Hardware for being awesome and sending them to me.

So. What have I learned here? I’ve learned that if you buy a house it’s a good idea to get to know your air conditioning units. Know what type of filters they need. Don’t just assume when you see 5 intake vents in the ceiling that you should put filters in them. And don’t just assume that your unit doesn’t have a filter in it.

I was shocked that our units had filters in them and I was even more shocked when I saw how huge they were. I should probably be embarrassed to admit that to you guys, but you know me, I just say it like it is. And if I didn’t know the unit had a big daddy filter in it, I’m guessing some of you don’t know either.

Promise me you will figure out where your air conditioning unit is located and then go check if it has a filter in it. And if it does, promise me you will check it and change it! No need to sweat our buns off now that it’s summer time. And no need to over-work your unit and cause it to break prematurely. Cause that would suck. A lot. Especially for me in Texas.

{As mentioned above, I was provided with my choice of air filters from True Value Hardware. I was not compensated other than free air filters. All opinions are my own.}

Oh, OH.MEEEE.GOSH!! I totally almost forgot to tell you one last thing…

During our talks with True Value Hardware over the air filters, they invited me to be a part of something pretty darn cool…

Do you want to know what?

True Value Hardware has asked House of Hepworths to be a part of the

2012 True Value DIY Blog Squad!!!!

I promise I will fill you in with all the details next week, but I just wanted to spill the beans real quick now. I don’t have all the info quite yet, but the contract has been signed, the ink is dry, packages have been shipped, and I am officially a True Value Blog Squad-der. And yes, I totally just made up that word.

Stay tuned for all the deets next week.

Okay, now one last thing…

Fess up. Do you have a clue where your A/C Unit is? Do you even know if it has a filter in it? Do you actually change it as regularly as you should?

How to change the filter in your A/C unit. Do you even know you have a filter? www.houseofhepworths.com><br />
<a href=

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