Andy Warhol inspired chair pop art

{I have been glued to the TV all evening watching the hurricane coverage. It’s heart wrenching to watch. Ben and I (and our chicklets) lived in Long Branch, New Jersey for a year in 2008 so I have a special place in my heart for Jersey and its shore. Watching it get slammed with this terrible storm is just awful. And poor New York City. I cry every time I see more footage of Battery Park. I feel like Jersey and New York are my homes away from home. I hope everyone affected by this awful storm stays safe, dry, and warm. Please know I am thinking about you guys and crying for you.}

A long time ago I made four canvas art pieces as a nod to Andy Warhol. I love his abstract and quirky art.

I’ve wanted to frame the art for a long time, but frames aren’t cheap, and I always had other places I wanted to spend my limited funds. Fortunately I lucked out and found the perfect frames for less than $3 each at Michael’s. I didn’t know you could buy frames that cheap – especially frames that are 11×14.

I laid out my canvas art pieces on top of each frame to test how they would look. They fit perfectly.

I really like the look of them on top of the glass (as opposed to behind the glass).

I opened each frame and removed the little strip of paper with the info and upc code on it. Turns out the mats had been badly faded and were whiter where the little strip of paper was. It was an easy fix though, I just tured the mat around.

Once the mats were put back in the frame I decided to attach the canvases on top of the glass. To do so I just used box tape on the back of each mat and then stuck them directly to the glass.

You can see how they pop off the glass a little giving a more 3-dimensional look. Also, I was afraid the glass might put a glare on each chair, so by adding the canvas to the top of the glass I minimized any glare.

I really love how the art looks on my shelves in our dining room.

I gave you guys a sneak peek of my Andy Warhol inspired art when I showed you my new cow painting:

I like the chair art because I feel like it’s kind of funky and weird and quirky. I like to add a splash of weirdness to each room in my home just to infuse more of my personality into it. And the chair part of the art itself just works because chairs and dining rooms seem to go together.

Now I can check Project #5 off that to-do list I made last year (and still haven’t finished). Baby steps.

What specific things have you done to your home to infuse your own personality into it? It doesn’t have to be weird or quirky, just something that is very uniquely you.


The moulding is hung & I actually have a plan for the Dining Room

I’ve officially dubbed this week Moulding Week.

I’ve hung, puttied, caulked, taped, and painted so much moulding I am now seeing moulding in my sleep!

Here’s where I’m at now with the dining room:


Last time I showed you the room, it looked like this:

(In a Patrick Voice), “What’s the difference?!” (I’ve watched way too much Spongebob lately.) Okay, so the difference is that the room now has a chair rail and moulding around the window.

I’d say the room is finally coming along. You can also play catch up and see all the other posts about my Dining Room.

Before I hung any moulding I had to get all my lines in the dining room nice and crisp. I gave a great how-to tutorial on painting crisp lines if you want to know how.


Then I went to Home Depot and bought a ton of moulding. I posted it on my Facebook Fan page, so some of you already knew I was up to something. :)

In addition to hanging it in the dining room I also went ahead and added it around the windows in the family room and kitchen. I’m not finished with all the painting in there yet though.


Once the moulding was hung I spent a few days caulking everything, puttying up the nail holes, painting all the trim, taping it all off, and touching up the wall color.


It’s so random the little things that get me excited, but I love how this section turned out (this is before I finished painting).


I removed the old piece of trim under the sill so that I could extend the chair rail all the way across the entire wall. This is what it looked like after I removed the trim:

And again, side by side

So, what are my overall plans for this room? Here are some of my plans, finally down on paper.

Here’s the room where it’s at right now:


I will be adding more boxes to the wall like I did in my piano room.

Also, unless I change my mind after I receive a sample swatch in the mail, I’m planning on doing these curtains:

…but in the tangerine color:

I don’t have room for a buffet, so instead, I want to hang long shelves along the left wall (opposite the large canvas), just like I Heart Organizing has done in her kitchen (minus the buffet):

Young House Love also did a similar version in their old house:

I’m also planning on framing my Andy Warhol Inspired Chair Pop Art pictures and setting them on the top shelf, 4 in a row.

The artwork are all 8×10’s, so I’m thinking some big 11×14 frames and mats from IKEA, probably in all white.

As for the table…

…I’ve already started taking apart one chair just to get an idea of how I want to put it back together. I’m still trying to decide on a fabric and a color for the wood, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing black for the table. I am leaning towards black for the chairs as well with just a basic beige or cream upholstery fabric. I’d hate to put so many hours into the upholstery only to have the fabric go out of style in 5 years, so I’m leaning towards a classic look.

And my favorite idea about the room; the one that makes my heart go pitter-patter: The West Elm Capiz Pendant Chandelier.

I haven’t purchased it yet. At $299 I’ve got sweaty palms just thinking about it. But it will be mine. And I’m saving for it.

If any of you get wind of this chandelier going on sale for any reason in the near future, please let me know.

So there you have it. That’s the plan so far!

It’s amazing how far this room has come:


And I can’t wait to see where it goes.

I feel like I’ve been just aimlessly wandering from one room to the next decorating all willy nilly. It’s been fun so far, but somewhat unrewarding. I don’t feel like I have anything actually done around here and nothing to show for any of it.

I know that’s not true, I’ve done so much. I just feel like that I need to pick a room and finish it already.

I’m still going to blog about all sorts of random stuff, but as of now, I’m devoting all my extra cash to the Dining Room.

If I spend money, it will be on finishing this room. I will still work on projects elsewhere, but they will mostly be free using stuff I already have on hand.

This has been a huge positive decision for me to have a clear direction. I’ve really thought twice about my clearance purchases at Target and randomly stopping in at Goodwill. If it isn’t for the Dining Room, I’m not buying it until the room is done.



Chair art inspired by Andy Warhol

* The updated framed artwork can be found here *

Do you remember when I showed you all that crap I got at Goodwill? It was all from Target and was brand-new, but for some crazy reason was being sold at Goodwill.

One of the awesome scores were rolls of vinyl for only $.99 a roll!

I used one of the phone vinyls to make my Custom Phone Wall Pop Art for my sister for her birthday.

Another vinyl pack I got that day was a pack of 4 chairs.

I am really trying to enjoy color more around here at Casa de Hepworths, so I decided it would be a lot of fun to make a set of Andy Warhol inspired pop art prints.

I needed 4 canvases, but canvases are expensive (like $8 each!) so I compromised and bought some flat canvases from Wal-Mart in a 3-pack for about $4 a pack. Since I needed 4 I had to buy 2 packs but I’m sure I’ll find a use for the extra two.

I also bought 4 tubes of acrylic paint at about $.79 each.

The colors I bought are: Folk Art brand – 2553 Lime Green, 509 Sunny Yellow, 2233 Parisian Pink, and Shiny 2710 Calypso Sky.

I just squirted a blob of paint onto the canvas…

…and then painted it smooth.

I did two coats on each canvas.

I rested them each on top of a can of soup so the edges didn’t stick to the table as well as get paint all over the table.

Next I figured out which chair I wanted on each canvas:

Then I peeled them off the paper and stuck ’em on.

One (of the many) reasons I love these prints is because the vinyl has a beautiful embossed design on it that you can only see from the right angle.

I wanted to show you the design so I took a close-up with the flash.

When these were finished I literally sat and stared at them all.night.long. with a grin from ear to ear. They just make me feel so HAPPY.


My long-term plan is to put them in my dining room, maybe on a shelf on a hutch. BUT, considering I don’t even have a hutch or any dining room furniture for that matter (the room is bare at the moment) it may be awhile before these cute pop art pics find a permanent home.

I just love them though! Vinyl is so much fun!!

I love anything Andy Warhol inspired.

* The updated framed artwork can be found here *

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