An unexpected Master Bathroom renovation, phase 1

Welp, I guess I'm doing a renovation in our master bathroom! Just last week Ben and I were talking about our list of needed renovations in this house and prioritized them all. The master bath desperately needs a cosmetic update, but we decided to put it towards the bottom of the list. We'd rather get all the floors refinished and install a new pretty kitchen. Of course, as soon as you make a statement like, "the bathroom should be added to the very bottom of the list", the universe throws a curve ball at you and basically says, "Oh ya?! Hold my beer." Here is our bathroom just after we … [Read more...]

HGTV’s Rate My Space

I just added my Mater Bathroom Renovation to HGTV's Rate My Space! If you don't remember, or weren't around back when I made my very first post, you may have missed my Master Bathroom Renovation. In a nutshell, I renovated my Master Bath in my old house I use to live in. Here's a quick before and after:    I did most of the work, demolition, and instillation myself, but hubby did help when he was available. I'm so super proud of this bathroom. It's the first huge renovation I ever tacked and I still can't believe I actually did everything myself! Here's another … [Read more...]