Did I find my Bliss(dom)?

I am having a hard time just trying to process all the emotions I went through at Blissdom this year. I don't know why, but I just feel very overwhelmed by it all. There's so much I could say, but I'd like to keep this post short of a novel. What slant do I want to put on it? Let's just start with the people since that's what everyone wants to see anyway... :) Kami, Lindsey, Jen, Beckie, Me, & Melissa. I met so many amazing women at Blissdom. I'm just overwhelmed by all the kind, generous, sweet, amazing women that I am lucky enough to now call my friends.    Me … [Read more...]

Blissdom or Bust.

Well, today's the big day. The day I've been dreaming about for oh, 9 months or so. Today I'm headed to Blissdom '11. I first mentioned Blissdom last week when when my super awesome celebrity status package arrived in the mail for mwa. (Boy did that start a debate, OMG! And Thank you everyone except for Adam, who gave me tons of squeezies and loves. I heart all of you!) One thing I forgot to mention in my excitement last week is exactly what Blissdom is. Here's a direct quote from their site: "Blissdom is the premiere conference for women who find and express their bliss by … [Read more...]

Does this mean I’m a Celebrity now?

Today I got a strange package in the mail. I didn't recognize the sender and I didn't order anything that I was expecting today. I opened it and was still confused as ever... that is until I saw this sitting on the top of the swag. I got a freaking SWAG BAG from the peeps at Blissdom. (Yes, I'm going to Blissdom next week!). To say this package made my night is an understatement. I thought only celebrities got SWAG BAGS (or boxes). Included in the package were a bunch of fun items from Blissdom Sponsors including this Hallmark book: A brand new type of … [Read more...]

Armed and Dangerous; new business cards

Look what just showed up in my mail! BUSINESS CARDS!! Want a closer looksie? (You know you do) Why on earth do I need business cards? Well, Vista Print was having a sale and I got sucked into the promotional hype and bought 1,500 cards so I ordered a few... ahem, cough cough, 1,500, cough... sorry, I had to clear my throat there... Also, I'm headed to next weekend! Yay!! And I figured I might want to give my new future BFFs a card so they can remember me and look me up when they get home. Also, I'm hoping to score some tickets to If I can pull … [Read more...]