A weird collection and how I display it (blog business cards)

Do you collect anything? When I was a kid I collected coffee mugs. Don't ask. I have no idea why. I had like 50 of them by the time I was 12. {eye roll} As a teenager I collected black and white Calvin Klein Ads and taped them in a grid on my bedroom wall. Most had Kate Moss in them, who I thought was the greatest model on planet earth. Again, don't ask. I was one of those weird artsy-fartsy types in high school. After I got married I collected magnets from any place I vacationed or visited. It sounded like a great idea at the time until I was totally overrun with random … [Read more...]

Armed and Dangerous; new business cards

Look what just showed up in my mail! BUSINESS CARDS!! Want a closer looksie? (You know you do) Why on earth do I need business cards? Well, Vista Print was having a sale and I got sucked into the promotional hype and bought 1,500 cards so I ordered a few... ahem, cough cough, 1,500, cough... sorry, I had to clear my throat there... Also, I'm headed to next weekend! Yay!! And I figured I might want to give my new future BFFs a card so they can remember me and look me up when they get home. Also, I'm hoping to score some tickets to If I can pull … [Read more...]