Advent & Countdown Calendars, Oh My! (Roundup)

There have been so many amazing Advent Calendars and Countdown to Christmas crafts in my link parties that I wanted to share some of the creativeness with you - just in case you missed it the first go 'round. Let's start with my Advent Calendar I made last month. I recently shared what toys and trinkets I stuffed my Advent Calendar with. Here are a bunch more ways to count down to Christmas. Even if you haven't been counting down, it's not too late! Start now. The kids will love it. * The hyperlink above each Calendar is the blogger who created the project * Southern … [Read more...]

Furniture switcharoo and stuffing the Advent

So. How's it going?! First off, a huge thanks for all the well-wishes. I'll keep you posted. :) Okay, so I showed you how I moved the sofa table over to the staircase wall... In it's previous life it was a headboard. I cut it down, gave it a coat of paint, and turned it into a retro sofa table: I'm still totally diggin' the table. Like, A Lot. I like it a lot. You couldn't really see it very well behind the couch though, so I moved it where my kids art desk use to be: Which is just fine by me because their desk usually looks like a complete disaster. Don't … [Read more...]