Make your own fancy ORNAMENT WREATH! Easy and inexpensive

In an effort to be festive this year I've made two wreaths! Today I'm sharing wreath #1 with you, and I'll share wreath #2 in a few days. This big ornament wreath was so easy to make! It is festive and fun, and I get compliments on it from everyone who comes over. Follow the simple step-by-step tutorial below to make your own festive ornament wreath - for much cheaper than if you bought one! To make this ornament wreath, you will need the following items: wreath form a lot of plastic ornaments tinsel a strip of fabric or muslin hot glue gun First, cut (or tear) … [Read more...]

$2 outdoor Holiday wreaths {tutorial}

I've got these great windows in front of my house that are just screaming for wreaths with big red bows. Since I needed 4 wreaths (3 windows and the front door) I didn't want to spend a fortune so I headed to my home-away-from-home; the Dollar Tree. For $9 I outfitted all three windows, plus a wreath on the door and a garland swag. It was so cheap and easy! (Please don't look too closely at our undecorated porch and lack of shrubs. Trust me, it drives me batty.) Here's how you can make $2 wreaths for the front of your house too! First off, the gear: I bought 5 … [Read more...]

Front Yard Holiday

Ya, Casa de Hepworths is pretty LAME this year when it comes to Holiday decorating & the front of the house. Well, the lights on the house (or lack thereof) is pretty pathetic, but I did do a few things to spruce up the front of the house so the neighbors don't think Scrooge is living next door. I was totally going to make the cutest Dollar Store wreath for Christmas (I was going to 1up my Dollar Store Fall Wreath that was so popular!), but I just got lazy and never made one. Instead, I opted for a soft purdy wreath from IKEA and attached a big Dollar Store star on the front. I … [Read more...]

Fall wreath updated for Winter

Back in September I created a Martha knock-off wreath for Fall... I was going to take it down now that it's Winter, but I really like it and am not ready to hide it away until next Fall. I went to Hob-Lob and bought two beady picks for .50ยข each. I took both of them and just wrapped them together so the beads faced away from each other. I literally just wedged the beady stuff in between the ribbon and the wreath. (I changed the ribbon out as well). Now I've got a wreath that will last through the Winter as well. It was an easy cheap fix to make my wreath last … [Read more...]