The pink fluffy poodle lamp; or, I found another use for all those leftover coffee filters

Hey Peeps! Did you have a fantastic Easter? We spent the long weekend chilaxin' in a lazy river at a resort in San Antonio with some hotel points we had burning a hole in our pocket. Pure.Heaven. So, 'member that Coffee Filter Wreath I made? {How could you NOT remember because of it's sheer awesomeness?} Well, in case you are just itchin' to check out that tutorial, here's my Big Chunky Plumpy Funky Somethin' Somethin' Coffee Filter Wreath again. Okay, so anyway... I said I had a few about 250 filters left over from that ring-o-awesomeness... Is the suspense just killing … [Read more...]

A Big Chunky Plumpy Funky Round Somethin’ Somethin’ Wreath {coffee filter wreath}

Do you remember my Acorn Wreath FAIL?! … [Read more...]