Cardboard Houndstooth Taxidermy Unicorn Head

Well hey, hey, HEY! my friends! How the heck are ya? I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and Mother's Day! Last weekend I worked on a little craft project for my daughter's room. It's a little quirky and random, so if it isn't your thang, I totally understand. I like weird and quirky though so I'm pretty stoked about this conversation starter. Check it: I am seriously Goo-Goo Ga-Ga over Cardboard Taxidermy Heads right now. Like, I think they are just so cool I squeal whenever I see them. Several months ago I was at Urban Outfitters and just happend upon this … [Read more...]

Cheap & Easy Stenciled Tray tutorial

Last week when I showed you the Mini Monogram Pedestals I mentioned I had made two more projects using my Martha Stewart Crafts supplies. I had so much fun crafting I ended up creating three separate projects and then chose my favorite to go with the Plaid promotion. Well, here's the 2nd of the three crafts I made... Are you ready for it? I found this tiny pink tray at the Target Dollar Spot (I think it was $2.50) and thought it was so cute! It's just perfect for my daughter's room to house all her little lotions and perfumes. I used some Spray Adhesive for Stencils … [Read more...]

Make your own Mini Monogram Pedestal

I am so stinkin' excited about these Mini Monogram Pedestals. I love how they turned out! This is such an easy project and would be a great Mother's Day gift. To make your very own Mini Monogram Pedestals you need the following supplies: Martha Stewart Crafts Supplies: Raspberry Ice Craft Paint Habanero Craft Paint Carrot Craft Paint Jonquil Craft Paint Surf Craft Paint Paint Brush Set Other Supplies: 3" piece of wood (mine are 3" x 2.5") Mini Candlesticks Strong bonding glue (I used Gorilla Glue) Silhouette Cameo Black Vinyl and transfer paper sandpaper clear … [Read more...]

Tweekin the office with a new {Free} hand-made cork board

Hi Friends! First off, thanks for voting for Lindsay. I have THE BEST readers. Srsly. You guys are amazing. I've been hanging moulding I'm so excited to show you, but I'm going to keep you in suspense just a little longer; mainly because I'm too lazy to unload the camera at the moment. Bawahahaha. I swear though, a serious moulding post in coming. I pinkie swear. My office is a train wreck. It really needs an entire overhaul. Last time I showed you, it looked like this: I've since moved the shelf on the desk to the top of the file cabinet. I'm in no … [Read more...]

Novelty Nutcrackers, Dollar Store Style

West Elm has the cutest Novelty Nutcrackers! Only problem is, they are TWENTY NINE BUCKS! And if you want the jumbo one it's $59! Ouch. I'm not cheap, I'm thrifty! I {lurve} them though. So I plotted a scheme to get me surme o' those there nutcrackers. I found these hideous things at the Dollar Tree. I don't think "hideous" is a strong enough word to describe... The hair! The hair is what kills me. I ripped that hair off quicker than you can say "holy-hell-that-looks-horrible" and gave them all a good coat of spray paint primer. Then I took … [Read more...]

Another use for Wheatgrass… Silly face grass hair

What do you get when you combine a goofy picture of your kid with a bunch of Wheatgrass seeds? Best.Homemade.Gift.Eveh. My daughter's class made these for the school Open House last week. Just picture 18 of these crazy-haired kids making faces at you as you walk into the classroom. I sure love this crazy kid. Just had to share. Carry on. :) … [Read more...]