The dining table {finally} has functional chairs

Don’t you hate it when bloggers start a project, and then never seem to finish it? You’re left wondering what ever happened to it, and hoping for an update. Ya, me too. It’s so annoying waiting months and months and still never get any updates. What I hate most is that I am guilty of this. I’m a terrible blogger! I get excited about a project, start blogging about it, then lose interest in actually finishing the project. Months go by before the project is updated.

I am sorry that I have been one of those really annoying bloggers that takes months to finish a project.

I am even more sorry that it has taken me over a year to finish my dining table and chairs redo. It’s actually been 19 months. Even more embarrassing.

In case you are new here, or just flat-out forgot what the heck I blogged about 19 months ago (I practically forgot about this table and I live here!), Here’s the low-down on the biggest-pain-in-my-ass project I’ve ever taken on.

19 months ago I found a 10 seater table and chairs on craigslist that was solid wood and, hello? It seats 10 people! I quickly bought it and brought it home with the intention of refinishing it top-to-bottom within the month.

Two months later the table was refinished with dark black stain.

Then 4 months later I did a post on how to remove old upholstery. It was suppose to be one of several in an ongoing series about upholstering dining chairs.

And then… nothing. For a full year. Not one post about the chairs. I’ve blogged a lot about the dining room. I just never got around to finishing those darn chairs.

In my latest dining room post you can tell that I painted the chairs. At least some of them. The table is missing several (which were in the garage waiting for a 2nd coat of paint).

So, before I share the good and bad news about finishing the table and chairs, I first want to formally apologize for being the most sucky blogger on the planet. I am sorry I started a project 19 months ago and am just now finishing it. You can just call me Sucky McSuckerson. Because I suck. I will try to never be such a sucky blogger ever again (except for the patching-the-drywall project. I still haven’t finished that one either.)

Okay, for the good news. I have fully functional chairs in my dining room. The table and chairs are done. We can officially eat in the dining room now.

The bad news. They are not the same chairs.

You guys, refinishing 10 dining room chairs is hard. Really hard. I will be the first to admit, I bit off more than I could chew. I could have totally done one chair. Maybe even two. But 10? I got myself in way too deep. And I gave up. Not to mention I’ve never actually upholstered even one chair in my life. So I thought the best way to jump into this world of upholstery was taking on a 10-chair project right out of the gate? I’m nothing if not overambitious.

But back to the good news. I was trolling craigslist last week and came across a post for 8 BRAND NEW Bonded Leather 20″ Pleated Back Parsons Dining Chairs. For only $300 for the full set.

Brand new they are $118 a chair. I don’t luck out on fantastic craigslist deals very often.

I jumped on those chairs so fast and was at the guys house within the hour (with Ben who was acting as my furniture loader and bouncer in case the guy was a creeper). Fortunately the guy was not a creeper, and the chairs were in fact in perfect condition, so we loaded them up in the soccer mom van and headed home. Here are the new fully-functional chairs just waiting for a big family dinner.

I didn’t measure to make sure they would fit before I bought them. Thank goodness they are the perfect size for the table.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do about Captain’s Chairs at the head and foot of the table, but in all honesty I really like the set up with only 8 chairs. Having one on the end seemed kind of cramped.

I don’t really know what else to say. I’m not usually at a loss for words. I’m just really glad to finally have a place to sit and not have to explain to every person that pokes their head through my front door why my chairs don’t have any upholstery on them.

I took a few artistic shots of the table from the opposite angle. I always take pictures of the room facing the window but here are a few with my back to the window.

I got the large bluish glass vase at Hobby Lobby last year. It’s one of my favorite decor items in the house. I’m not sure how well the scale works having it on my table, but I love looking at it anyway.


As for my half-finished dining chairs that I still own, I am going to be listing them on craigslist as-is. I’m hoping some fabulous upholsterer will snatch them up and finish them all. I can totally picture them being finished as singletons or in pairs and sold for extra seating here and there. Can’t you picture them painted bright yellow with a bold black-and-white chevron fabric?

Hmmm, that makes me kinda want to keep them and finish them myself.

Totally kidding. Hopefully I’ll have the ad posted by this evening.

And again, I hereby swear to try to be a better blogger and finish any projects that I start in a more timely manner.

The End.


Against better judgement, I’m showing you my Bedroom

I seriously scored the best deal at Goodwill last week.

I really want to show you!!

But that would involve showing you my Master Bedroom. Trust me, there’s a reason I’ve been too mortified to show you this room.

Oh hell, let’s just get it over with, shall we?

Here’s my horribly embarrassing, hideous, and completely undecorated Master Bedroom.


See? I told you I had a good reason for avoiding sharing this room at all costs with you.

There are so many things wrong with this room that it’s easier to point out what’s right. Which is pretty much the… um… er… is there anything? Oh, the mirror! I love my mirror. Everything else is hideous.


But, now the room is looking just a teensy tiny bit better, thanks to finding this duvet set at Goodwill last week.


Before you start barfing all over the place at the thought of me buying used linens at Goodwill, let me explain.

They are not used. They are actually brand new. With Tags! They were donated by Target in their “salvage” pile. But honestly, NOTHING is wrong with this bedding set. Except maybe Target discontinued it or something.

The bedding is still looking a bit flat and frumpy though. Here’s why:


I would love nothing more than a thick, fluffy, hotel quality down-filled comforter to shove into my new awesome duvet, but I don’t have an extra hundred bucks laying around at the moment. So I improvised. I just shoved my crappy comforter into the duvet for now.

As for the huge king-sized pillows to go into the shams?


Target has these huge pillows for only $8! Except they were on sale last week so I picked them up for $6 a pop. They work great considering I’m only using them as decoration.

I was a little worried about this orange fabric though:


But surprisingly the orange doesn’t show through at all. Double bonus.

Here’s the bedding in all her ten dollar glory.


I still cannot believe I found brand-new-with-tags bedding at GW for ten dollars. Best GW purchase of the year.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention. I’ve been wanting WHITE bedding for my bedroom for some time now. I’ve decided when I finally give this room some TLC I want all white bedding so I can mix and match throw pillows on it. I absolutely love the look of white crisp hotel bedding.


As for those stools at the foot of the bed… I’ve got big plans for those bad-boyz. They are going to be the bomb when I’m done with them.


This picture above is killing me. I am so cheap. Let’s see, I got the bedding at GW for $10. I got the wicker side table at a garage sale for $6!!! (It’s currently at Target for $60, so I totally scored on that one). And I got the two stools at GW in Los Angeles for only $6 each. The purple polka-dot pillow is from the Target clearance section months ago. I did buy the bed brand-new, but it’s so old I’m embarrassed to even admit to you when we bought it. Let’s just say it’s been through two pregnancies and has more than worn out it’s welcome at our house. It’s days are numbered.

Okay, so I might as well give you a quick tour of this train-wreck of a room while I’m at it…

When you are standing at the doorway looking in, this is what you see (yes, I flip-flopped the bed from the first “before” picture at the top of this post):


Not too bad, right? I can’t wait to do an awesome wall treatment on that big wall with the windows. It’s going to be fab.

If you turn around, this is the entrance to the bedroom on the left. On the far right is the entrance to the closet and the bathroom.

Kinsey has taken it upon herself to make a “Gallery Wall” for me. How thoughtful of her! I don’t have the heart to take it down. It’s been there for months (and she keeps adding to it).


She is very proud of her artwork.


Here’s a better view of the entrance to the closet (on the left) and the bathroom (on the right). I LOVE this little alcove in the bedroom.


The mirror is from IKEA, but I found it on Craig’s List for $50, and the stool is from Target on clearance a few weeks ago marked from $70 down to $17. I’m going to paint it eventually. I’m not diggin’ the flowers.


And in closing, a nice blast-from-the-past. Do you remember when I gave you my Master Bathroom tour last March? I showed you the awesome placement of the toilet in reference to the entrance to our bedroom.

Ya, not the best floor plan design. You can see the commode when you poke your head into the bedroom. Whether you are sitting on the John or not, it’s still gross to see the potty the second you glance into the bedroom.


So, um… ya. On that note…

The moral?

I got a new duvet set. I love it. It was dirt cheap. The End.


Is it just me or do you find the best deals while thrifting too? And, is your entire house purchased from the Target clearance, Craig’s List, Goodwill, or thrift stores?

PS my kids start school today. Summer went by far too quickly for me. I’m going to miss them annoying the heck out of me all day! Have your kids started school yet?


Trolling Craigslist

The past few weeks month I’ve been trolling Craigslist like a crazy stalker person.

Nothing in particular, just anything that might catch my eye.

Here are a few cool things I’ve found…

Coffee table and matching side table. $20 for the set.


This table is HUGE! I was going to put it in my piano room, but it’s too big. After himming and hawing, It will eventually take up residence in our game room.


The side table matches the coffee table, but I’m still not certain where I’ll put it. We’ve got a couch with very tall arms in the game room, so a normal height side table isn’t tall enough. We shall see!

Enormous picture $20


I’m not crazy about the actual picture, but the frame itself is massive and gorgeous! Plus it’s almost 5 FEET wide!


The picture frame will eventually hang in my dining room. Hopefully I’ll find a picture that is more my style to put inside the frame.

HUGE pile of trim and moulding! FREE!!


Yup, I found this for FREE! Yippie! I’m going to use most of the moulding here to trim out all my mirrors in my bathrooms.


Dresser $20


I originally purchased this to go in my breakfast room but it just wasn’t big enough, so I bought my other dresser. I’m not exactly sure where this will go, but I’m certain it will be loved. Only problem? I didn’t realize it was missing a chunk from the top left drawer. Now I’m stumped as to how to fix it. Ideas?

Round table $15


I bought this table because it’s the perfect height and width that I need to go next to our randomly large couch in the game room.

Sofa Table $35


This came from Goodwill, not Craigslist. It is SOLID wood, great condition, and is Broyhill. This is the back of the table. The front has a cute little drawer. I’m thinking I’ll put it in the entryway to our game room. There’s a wall that is just the perfect size for it. I’m still unsure of the color I’m going to paint it. I need to pick a paint color for the walls of the game room first.

Two sets of corbel things $5 total


These things are heavy and are iron! I’m going to give them a fresh coat of spray paint and instead of using them as brackets for a shelf, I’m going to copy Shelley over at House of Smiths.

Greenery $2


This is going to get a cleaning and then will take up residence above my kitchen cabinets.

Apples $2 total


Can you believe I got this big bag of apples for only $2? The flash of the camera makes them look funny, but trust me, they look REAL. Hopefully once I get them in a bowl on my table they won’t remind me of Twilight.

Chair $5


Hopefully some paint and new fresh bold fabric will make this purdy. I bought it for my living room but the verdict is still out on that one. Maybe it will end up as additional seating in my hubbs office.

Magazine table $5


This solid wood magazine table was only five bucks! For now it’s holding my piano music, but I’m thinking I’ll paint it shabby chic white and put it in my daughter’s room for her books.

Picture $15


This picture was originally from Tar-jay for $35 (I think). I scored it for only fifteen! It’s hanging on a random nail in hubbs office at the moment, but may end up in the T-ster’s bedroom (my son).

Mirror $20


This may look kinda ugly now, but once I get paint and some glaze on it, I’m thinking it will look fan-tab-ulous!

Wrought Iron Queen bed frame FREE!


My mom’s neighbor gave this queen size bed to us for free!! It’s going in our guest room and will eventually get a fresh coat of spray paint (it’s hunter green right now). Now all I need is a box-spring and mattress.

Okay, wow, that was a ridiculously long list of CL stuff! I’ve got my work cut out for me!

The reason I’m acting like a hoarder and buying all this stuff is because we pretty much don’t own anything!

We’ve spent the last 4 years traveling and living out of suitcases for the most part, and most of our stuff has lived in storage. So now that we bought this 3600 sq ft 5 bedroom house, it is like crickets chirping in here. It’s going to take a long time to get all the furniture we need for this place!

At a minimum we still need an entire king size bedroom suite (all we have is a mattress and metal bed frame in our room – no dressers or anything!) and a dining table and chairs and buffet. Oh, and we need at least 3 more bookshelves. Bare minimum.

I may be a hoarder, but rightfully so! When we moved in the only furniture we owned were a few bookshelves, some IKEA cheap tables, bedroom furniture for each child, one couch, a piano, and a wooden chest.

I’m really thrilled that I’ve got all these paint projects lined up. I’ve been itching to paint some furniture!

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