Our guest room || the “before” pictures

After almost 2 years of living in our new home in Colorado, I realized I've never given you a tour of our guest room. The shame! You aren't missing much though because I really haven't done much to the room. Also, it's full of random furniture that doesn't work together. It's pretty much the leftover hodge podge of rooms. :) The last time I showed you this room was two years ago during our new house walk-through post. It also just happens to be the first time I showed you this room. haha Yes, teal walls. I kind of equally dig and loathe them. Is that even possible? Here are a few … [Read more...]

Repurposing old home decor; Wooden Wheatgrass Bowl

One constant love I've had over the past 5 years has been decorating with wheatgrass. I just love the stuff! When decorating with fake wheatgrass, I think it just looks crisp and classic. One of the very first projects I ever blogged about was taking some gross old tins from goodwill, refreshing them with spray paint and vinyl, and adding wheatgrass to them. Wheatgrass Containers In our previous home I had some leftover fake wheatgrass and added it to a simple flower pot found at the dollar store. Easy dollar store wheatgrass tin I went totally bizerk over this wheatgrass … [Read more...]

orange color-backed decor bowls tutorial

The dining room is getting tinkered with again. What I really want to do is finish those chairs (!!!) but that requires W-O-R-K which is kind of a turn-off for me. Ten chairs = very overwhelming. (Can you tell I've been painting them though? hint hint) I still want this room finished though, and I've got this big ol' blank wall staring me down mocking me. I've been trying to figure out what to put here, but all my ideas seem to compete with the curtains, which I want to be the star of the room. I don't want anything on this wall that will distract from the curtains. … [Read more...]

Oh, just put your sticks in it already.

I've got these sticks next to my front door. I really like them, but they always get so dirty and full of cobwebs around the base. I will neither confirm nor deny if I've found little bugs under the stick bundle as well. I've been on the hunt for a large glass vase to put the sticks in. I think it will look more classy and will also keep the base of the bundle free from cobwebs and debris. Do you realize how much huge glass vases are? Oh my word! They are not cheap. The cheapest I've seen them is about $25 from Home Goods. Ikea is charging $25-$35 (I think). And those are … [Read more...]

Another cheap & easy Dollar Store decor; Wheat Grass Tins

A friend of mine gave me some leftover grass she had from one of her projects. She got it at a craft store, but you can always get a variety of random grasses at the dollar store. Improvise! You know I love me some grass... Here & Here So of course I had to create a project pronto. I headed to the Dollar Tree (one of my favorite stores!) and found this tin planter: It is perfect for grass! This project is so easy, even you mom can do it, I swear. Get some floral foam. I keep scraps in a bag, so I just pieced together enough to fill the planter. I hot glued all of … [Read more...]

What ever happened to…?

I made tons of decor before I moved from California back to Texas. Have you ever wondered where those items ended up? Today we're going to play a little game called, "Whatever happened to that crap?" I went around my house with my camera and took pictures of all the stuff I made in California. Now you get to see where it ended up! {Fun Times!} Whatever happened to the Red "You are Special" plate?... The Red plate, which I painted in 2005 and was one of the first things I ever posted about on this blog, now resides on top of the refrigerator. We've still never used … [Read more...]

numbered wheat grass decor tins

Anyone remember these hideous things from last month? (I've got nothing against America, just these awful containers.) They had this gritty texture on them similar to sand paper. After about 2 seconds of scraping I figured out if I soaked them the gunk came off quicker. (Ewww - look how gross they made the water...) After I got all the yuck off them I washed them and let them dry. Now the fun begins!! Spray paint! Two coats of Flat black followed by a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze. Yes, that is a vinyl sticker (you guys are just too sharp, aren't you?!)! If … [Read more...]