Meet our dog, Chase. He does funny stuff. For example…

Meet Chase: Chase is our 8.5 pound Yorkie. He doesn't really look like a Yorkie though because we keep him shaved. He's really suppose to look like this (which personally I think looks ridiculous, but I'm not a dog show person either): This is his, "Sup?" face: When he's being naughty he tends to have an "Oh Crap! I've been caught!" look on his face. Chase loves to bark at cats. All.Day.Long. And he also loves to bark at people who come to our front door. He's a pretty good watch dog. Chase's favorite spot for cat-watching and cat-barking is the left window … [Read more...]

Fit for a {K-9} Princess {or Prince}; stylish food containers for your pampered pooch

Last week my sister came over and I made some labeled bins for her Dogs' food. She has 3 fur babies and each has it's own particular food (don't ask why. I have no idea). Meet my sister Merideth and her husband Dan: {Merideth is an awesome hair stylist in Austin, TX. Contact me for her contact info.} I also posted another picture of them over Christmas (Mer is in blue). Just ignore Ben's wonky face: So anyway, Merideth has these three dogs that she honestly believes are her children. Here are two of them: I swear Judge reminds me SO MUCH of Dan. I don't know what … [Read more...]