Make your own drawer dividers/organizers

I can't believe I forgot to show you this awesome project in our last house. I was going through old photos and came across these and had such a doh! moment when I realized I never shared this. So, for those trying to keep up with every place we've ever lived, this was our 2nd house in Austin (our country house), before we moved here to Colorado. And to confuse you even more, this was post-renovation on our kitchen in that house. And just to make things even more interesting, Ben's company just went through a merger and his company was the one getting bought out, so now things are … [Read more...]

Cheap and easy organizing. Just the way I like it.

Hey kids! How's your January organizing going? I love January because it's all about simplifying, organizing, and getting rid of stuff. I made a quick cheap organizational update to my bathroom vanity drawer and wanted to pass along the tip to you guys. We moved into this house at the beginning of August of this past year. Just a few weeks later I updated y'all on our just-moved-out-of-the-boxes state. This was my bathroom vanity that day: "I found a few little containers laying around that I organized all my hair things in. Once I get some cash-ola I’ll probably get a nice o … [Read more...]