Laundry room phase 2 + how to run a vent pipe through a shelf

Oh boy am I tired today. Pooped out. In addition to finishing the laundry room, I've decided it would be the perfect time to have a huge garage sale this Friday. Yes, I am insane. I have no boundaries. {If you live anywhere near NW Austin and would like to stop by my garage sale, it will be this Friday at 7am. I am opening it up to friends/blog readers Thursday night from 9-9:30pm so you can shop/snoop early. Please email me for my address. I don't feel comfortable just posting it online.} Anyway, I am so tired. Between tackling this next chapter in the laundry room renovation … [Read more...]

Safety, venting, & questions answered. A follow-up to the dryer vent situation.

Wow. Yesterday's post about cleaning out the dryer duct pipe and fixing a leaky vent on the roof sure sparked a whole lot of passion in you guys! I was a little hesitant to even post about the leaky issue because there weren't any pretty pictures to go along with it. I didn't want to bore you guys. I was pleasantly surprised when I got such a positive reaction about the post. Thank you! Now I know you guys really do like the down-and-dirty nitty gritty posts. In addition to all the positive feedback I received, I did get quite a few questions and comments - enough to warrant … [Read more...]

There’s a pumpkin in my dryer… oh, wait!

Now that Fall has officially arrived I remembered a cute craft my mom made years ago. A dryer duct pumpkin! I use to have one, but I can't find it, so I just made another one. Now I get to show you a tutorial on how to do it. Yippie! These pumpkins are so fun and easy to make. And who would have thought to use a dryer duct? For this project you'll need: * an aluminum dryer duct 3" diameter about 21" long * 3 cinnamon sticks * raffia * hot glue gun or small stapler * orange Rust-oleum spray paint First thing, aluminum duct. I purchased mine at a … [Read more...]