Round 3: Readers create wreaths & pumpkins

I'm seriously in awe that I was able to inspire so many amazing people to create their own wreaths and pumpkins! Here are more crafts done by my readers. More wreaths! This Fresh Fossil's wreath. You HAVE TO go read what happened to her wreath. Too funny! Here's Mommas Kinda Crafty's version of the Dollar Store wreath: Addicted to Homes made one: Kat emailed me her wreath: Sandy Sewz also made a wreath! AND a dryer pumpkin! Keeping It Simple enlisted her boys to help make some pumpkins. Today Along the Journey was inspired by all my ORB talk (Oil … [Read more...]

H A Double-L O W Double-E N spells “Halloween”

I've temporarily taken down the Fall decor and busted out the Halloween stuff! I pulled out my box-o-scariness... ... if you can call it "scary" I'm more of a "cutesy" seasonal decorator. I had most of my decor already, but I did make a few spray paint adjustments... I painted the wreath black as well as the candle stick that I bought months ago. For the wreath I decided to go low-key. I just painted a wreath black and hung it with a 1 1/2" thick orange ribbon. I was planning on doing more detail on the wreath, but once it was painted I really … [Read more...]

A Fall centerpiece

As much as I liked the centerpiece on my coffee table, it really needed a Fall makeover. My new centerpiece took me less than 10 minutes to put together and was free! (I only used stuff I had laying around the house) To create this super cute centerpiece, I took the tray from the last centerpiece, set it on top of a placemat I already had, and added some fake leaves. Then I added two dollar store glass vases and a few fake plastic acorns and apples from the Dollar Spot at Target. You can see that I was playing around with which size candle to use. I … [Read more...]

Evolution of the mantle

My fireplace mantle has gone through several transformations since we moved in. First we had this... ...which isn't even decorated at.all. I set the Rodney White artwork on the mantle while we were moving in so it didn't get ruined and it just kinda ended up staying there. I hung the artwork and added a few accessories, but the overall look just wasn't working. This setup is a FAIL! I LOVE my art and I LOVE bright bold color, but after a month or so it just started to hurt my eyes. I need my family room to be more subtle and relaxing so I took down the art and … [Read more...]

Reader Submission – Fall $ store wreath

Last week I showed you how to make a Fall Wreath using dollar store items. Ring a bell? Karin, an HoH reader, had this to say! "Thank you so much for the great idea! I read this post last night at 7p and asked my husband to take me to the DT! So at 9p I was gluing leaves to the wreath and it came out great! We're going back later today to buy more supplies to give these as fall hostess gifts. Thank you again for sharing, my home will look great for fall!!" Awesome! Karin also sent me some photos of her wreath she made using my tutorial! Suh-weet! Awesome … [Read more...]

There’s a pumpkin in my dryer… oh, wait!

Now that Fall has officially arrived I remembered a cute craft my mom made years ago. A dryer duct pumpkin! I use to have one, but I can't find it, so I just made another one. Now I get to show you a tutorial on how to do it. Yippie! These pumpkins are so fun and easy to make. And who would have thought to use a dryer duct? For this project you'll need: * an aluminum dryer duct 3" diameter about 21" long * 3 cinnamon sticks * raffia * hot glue gun or small stapler * orange Rust-oleum spray paint First thing, aluminum duct. I purchased mine at a … [Read more...]

Make your own Fall Wreath {Dollar Store Fall Decor}

With all the Fall Decor all over blogland, I've gotten the itch to create something for myself. I made a wreath using nothing but stuff I found at the Dollar Tree! Yippie! For starters, I loaded up on "gear" I'll need for the wreath. I see all the fake leaves and flowers at dollar stores, but have never actually bought any of it because it looked so, well, cheap. But the other day I found all sorts of greenery goodies for Fall! This got my mind a-churning, and next thing I know I'm buying everything I need to make a wreath for my front door. Here's a breakdown of what I … [Read more...]