36 inspiring Halloween and Fall WREATHS (Roundup)

Wreath overload time! Here are an assortment of pretty awesome wreaths for either Halloween or Fall. Hopefully they will inspire you to get your craft on and get creative this Season! If you see a wreath you are especially smitten with, click on through and give the blogger some smooches. Everyone likes a little love and snuggles now and then. And now, 36 inspiring wreaths... Halloween Wreaths The Roseland Family A Glimpse Inside Embracing Change Just Us Four Love Sweet Love Two oh Two … [Read more...]

Fall wreath updated for Winter

Back in September I created a Martha knock-off wreath for Fall... I was going to take it down now that it's Winter, but I really like it and am not ready to hide it away until next Fall. I went to Hob-Lob and bought two beady picks for .50ยข each. I took both of them and just wrapped them together so the beads faced away from each other. I literally just wedged the beady stuff in between the ribbon and the wreath. (I changed the ribbon out as well). Now I've got a wreath that will last through the Winter as well. It was an easy cheap fix to make my wreath last … [Read more...]

HoH Fall crafts

I'm busy working my fingers to the bone on some CHRISTMAS CRAFTS! In the mean time, I've created a bunch of fun Fall craft posts over the past few months, so if you need a quick project just in time for THANKSGIVING here's a reminder of Fall fun craft & decor projects from House of Hepworths. Make an inexpensive easy wreath using Dollar Store stuff. Create your own pumpkin from a dryer vent! Make a mock corn husk wreath. Decorate your mantle on a budget! Fall-ify your Cloches.    (To learn how to make a cloche click … [Read more...]

Martha inspired fall wreath

(Image from MarthaStewart.com) Beautiful, right? That Martha does it again. So of course I wanted one of my very own! Here's what I created out of free stuff I had laying around my house: I love how it looks on this mirror! (Without the flash) (With the flash) I've taken THREE sets of photos of this mirror. Photographing a mirror is ridiculously difficult! I could NOT get a decent picture! Here's how I did it. I went to my stash and came up with these two items. A small wreath that I got from Goodwill awhile back and a package of crinkle paper … [Read more...]

You’ve been busy!

   Who knew that these two crafts would spark the crafty bug across the country? I've had these two projects featured more times than I can even count! (Honestly, I lost count. For real.) My inbox has been filling up with links and images of pumpkins and wreaths that you've created inspired by my post! I'm flattered and truly honored. Thank you! Here are some pumpkins and wreaths created by YOU! (If I've missed a post somewhere or overlooked an image and you are not featured here, it is not intentional. Please let me know and I'll feature your craft as … [Read more...]