36 inspiring Halloween and Fall WREATHS

Wreath overload time! Here are an assortment of pretty awesome wreaths for either Halloween or Fall. Hopefully they will inspire you to get your craft on and get creative this Season!

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And now, 36 inspiring wreaths…

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If these wreaths haven’t sparked some inspiration in you and put you into the spirit of the season, I don’t know what will!

I hope you’ve liked all the inspiring decor, pumpkins, and wreaths! It’s been a lot of fun putting these montages together and I’ve really enjoyed spotlighting so many amazing bloggers out there.

Check back Monday for a fresh new post from yours truly. :) I’ve got curtains on the brain, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve done in the dining room.

Fall wreath updated for Winter

Back in September I created a Martha knock-off wreath for Fall…

I was going to take it down now that it’s Winter, but I really like it and am not ready to hide it away until next Fall.

I went to Hob-Lob and bought two beady picks for .50¢ each. I took both of them and just wrapped them together so the beads faced away from each other.

Photos - 6524

I literally just wedged the beady stuff in between the ribbon and the wreath. (I changed the ribbon out as well).

Photos - 6525

Now I’ve got a wreath that will last through the Winter as well.

Photos - 6526

It was an easy cheap fix to make my wreath last just a little longer.

Photos - 6527

Maybe for Spring I’ll bust out the spray paint. 😀

So there you have it – my Winter wreath.

Fall & Winter:

  Photos - 6526

Martha inspired fall wreath

(Image from MarthaStewart.com)

Beautiful, right?

That Martha does it again.

So of course I wanted one of my very own!

Here’s what I created out of free stuff I had laying around my house:


I love how it looks on this mirror!

(Without the flash)

(With the flash)

I’ve taken THREE sets of photos of this mirror. Photographing a mirror is ridiculously difficult! I could NOT get a decent picture!

Here’s how I did it. I went to my stash and came up with these two items.


A small wreath that I got from Goodwill awhile back and a package of crinkle paper ribbon.

I’m trying to figure out what in the heck the crinkly paper ribbon stuff is actually called. Here’s what it looks like when you unravel it.


So anyway, I’m at a total loss to the name of the stuff, but I started cutting it in strips and then unraveling it.


These strips ended up being about twice as long as I needed, so I just cut them in half again. Also, the paper was too wide so I cut it vertically in half.


In the end I was left with paper sections that were about 4″ long and 2″ wide.

First I needed to make my loops. I just folded the paper in half and added a dab of hot glue to the end. The easiest way to make them quickly was to use a hot glue stick as a dowel to wrap the paper around while I glued the ends. This way my loops didn’t get smashed.




Once I had a pile of loops made I started gluing them onto the wreath.

(I didn’t even take the plastic off the wreath)

I tried to stagger them as I glued them on so they weren’t in solid straight lines. This gave it more texture.


I think it’s coming together nicely. I’m really liking this look so far!


Now that I’m done it still seems kinda boring, so I tried to copy Martha again but still keep it unique enough to call it my own.

This is what I came up with:


I tried to like it. I really tried.

But I HATED it.

The gold. The sheer ribbon. The wall color.

So I rehung it on a mirror, and now I LURVE it!


While making and hanging the wreath some of the loops got smashed so I just took a pencil and stuck it inside the loops to fluff them back up.



It was really easy to hang. I removed the frame from the wall and stapled the ribbon on the wall above the nail.


Then I just hung the mirror back up under the wreath.

(This entry way is nowhere near finished. It’s very much a “work in progress” so don’t judge too harshly!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ribbon!


I bought the ribbon years ago at Ribbons and Bows oh my!. I’m not sure if they still have it or not. On a side note, if you want thick good quality grosgrain ribbon, order it. The stuff at craft stores and Wal-Mart are not very thick and don’t make as cute bows.


I’d say this was a total FAIL:


But this is a WIN!!


I love my 2nd Fall wreath!

So there you go!

My free attempt at copying Martha’s adorable wreath!

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