The thrifted shelf

Hi guys! {Squeal} I am so excited to finally be back here with you again. As I said in my last post, we have had a rough go around here with lots of illness. In the end, all 4 of us have now been sicker than a dawg, but fortunately the kids are well now, and Ben and I are on the upswing. I went to the doctor today because I have horrible congestion in my chest, and she said I have bronchitis. She said I have it so bad that it sounds like tuberculous. Yikes. I should be just fine now though because she sent me home with some meds that should kick this bronchitis crap to the curb. … [Read more...]

Fixing a damaged bed + a few random spray painting tips

Back in March I ordered new beds for both of my chicklets. In the shipping process several pieces of the beds were damaged. I was frustrated but the company fixed the situation and sent out new pieces. *You asked, I edited! The bed is from Hayneedle. All bed info can be found here or here. They told me to just throw away the damaged pieces. It would cost more money to send them back than was worth it. What I was left with was a complete set of damaged and mismatched pieces that, when combined, created another bed. Instead of tossing them out I saved them with the intention … [Read more...]

adding casters to furniture; an easy solution to a big problem

I have this little round coffee table in my family room: (Really old picture of the family room) I've had it for about 2 years now and it's there whenever I blog about my family room. Many have asked about the little coffee table and I've replied in my comments, but I'll reply here again. My friend found it on Craigslist, spray painted it black, used it for a year, then sold it to me when she moved. Just try to ignore the fact that the pillows on the couch don't match. They are both really comfortable! And I just haven't gotten around to finding the perfect pillows for the … [Read more...]

Switching things up in K’s Room

When we moved into this house over a year ago my daughter's room was a huge football field. After torturing my poor daughter in that room for 15 straight months, I finally started her much needed bedroom makeover by hanging lots of board & batten and giving the entire room a fresh coat of paint (or 20, but I lost count). I've been at it again this weekend. I really want to tie up all the lose ends of her room and get it done once and for all. Let's start with her furniture. She has great furniture. Her matching set has a sleigh bed, a dresser & mirror, a side table, … [Read more...]

A bedside table; from dirty and drab to shiny and fab

I have a boyfriend. Shhhh, don't tell Ben. His name is Craig. And he has the coolest list. Yes, my boy toy is Craigslist. And several months ago I found a side table for my {other other} boy. But you probably remember the side table from my Magnetic Chalkboard Message Station. The chalkboard is still going strong in the ol' laundry room/mud room, but the side table has finally made it's way to my son's room. Before I moved the table upstairs to it's new permanent home, I had to give it a makeover. What?!! Would you expect any less from me? ;) I sanded down the … [Read more...]

How an Epic Fail turned into a Win; and why my Entry Table is now green with envy

Before I dive in and show you guys my awesome entry table transformation, I have to take a minute to give a big huge {Thank You!} to Sarah over at... As some of you know, I'm a HUGE FAN of TDC. Her's is my favorite blog and one of the very first blogs I started reading 'back in the day'. On Friday Sarah did a feature about House of Hepworths. I had no idea she was going to feature me, and when I saw it I had to remind myself to breathe and my husband almost had to give me CPR to get my heart pumping again. Sarah didn't only tell her readers that she likes me, she gave an … [Read more...]

After Christmas deals at Target

I ran into Target the other day to see if they had any awesome Christmas stuff on clearance. They had some Christmas stuff marked down, but nothing that I really wanted. However, they did have some non-holiday stuff marked down and I'm so thrilled with my new purchases! I got this huge basket: It was originally $49.99, but I got it marked down for only $12.48! What a deal! I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to use it for, but for now I'm loving it just sitting in the piano room empty. I also got this twig bundle half off for only $9.99. And my favorite purchase, … [Read more...]