Let the decrapification commence

Downsizing almost 900 square feet of living space has pretty much kicked my ass. I'm not complaining to be in a smaller home; I'm actually thrilled to be in a smaller home. Those stairs and all that space in the last house almost did me in. Too.Much.To.Clean. It was never ending. We'd spend our entire Saturday each weekend just getting the house picked up - and I'm not even talking about deep cleaning. So yes, the smaller house with no stairs is awesomespice. The reason it kicked my ass is because I downsized 900 sq ft of living space and I have too.much.crap. This house has one less … [Read more...]

10 tips for having a killer garage sale

Last Friday MIG welder reviews had a killer garage sale. Almost everything was sold before noon, my kids made more than fifty bucks each, and I raked in several hundred dollars. I'm no garage sale expert, however, now that I've hosted one that was awesome I thought I'd share 10 tips that helped make it a success. Tip #1: To advertise, I ran an ad WITH PHOTOS on Craigslist and I posted on our neighborhood facebook group. To find out if your neighborhood has a facebook group, do a search for your neighborhood on facebook, ask neighbors in your neighborhood, and look through the groups … [Read more...]