Add contact paper inside a cabinet by Erica from Craftivity Designs (guest post)

Today is my last scheduled guest post for the summer. It has been so fun to see so many creative people! I hope you have enjoyed the weekly house guest here. Thank you everyone for being patient with me while I took some time off this summer to spend with my kiddos. Erica is here today to show us how to add contact paper to the back of a cabinet for more visual interest. I love the way her project turned out! And I want to make special note to point out that she took the time to make sure her pattern lined up across the entire back of the cabinet. I see so many great projects online that … [Read more...]

Home State Canvases by Emily from Love, Pasta & a Tool Belt

Today I have Emily from Love, Pasta & a Tool Belt here to share some custom artwork she created! ***** Hi HOH readers! My name is Emily and I am so excited to be guest posting here today. I blog over at Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt. I write about DIY crafts, recipes, home decor and improvement projects. A couple of my favorite posts have been my Honey Garlic Pork Chops (yum!), my Master Bedroom Makeover, and my favorite of many wreaths, my DIY Burlap Wreath. My husband and I have been married for a year and are right now embarking on a new adventure moving from Virginia to Tennessee. … [Read more...]

Vintage Room Makeover with Jean from The Backyard Bungalow (guest post)

Hi HOH fans! I'm so excited to be here at Allison's place!  I've been following her blog for a loooong time and even though we have different styles, I love coming here and seeing what she comes up with next.  And now that she has a new home, I'm sure we're all in for some exciting changes! Let me begin by introducing myself.  My name is Jean and I blog at The Backyard Bungalow.  My 'Mr. Wonderful' retired from the Army 4 years ago and we have chosen to settle in Big Sky Country Montana!  I love all things vintage...mixed with modern...and my blog is all about my adventures and mis- … [Read more...]

Adding moulding and updating a bathroom by Therena from Little Bit of Paint (guest post)

Hey everyone! I seriously owe you all an update with my new house. Come back Tuesday morning for the skinny on the happenings in our new home our first 3 months here. Every summer while the kids are home from school I really try to take a small step away from the computer to focus on my children and spending time with them while they are still young enough to like me. Ha! I invite other bloggers to guest post here throughout the summer. I hope you have enjoyed these great posts so far. Once school starts up again I will be back in full force. Thanks for understanding why I haven't been … [Read more...]

How to Gold Dip by Jess from Bright Green Door (guest post)

While I am busy frantically painting every room in my house I've asked Jess from Bright Green Door to share a fun tutorial with you guys! ***** Hi! I'm Jess and I blog at BrightGreenDoor where I write about living in an oil boom town in North Dakota where I love to thrift, sew, cook and craft. I've learned so much from all of Allison's awesome tutorials that today I am SO excited to share my tutorial here with you. One of my favorite current design trends is all the gold that is popping up everywhere. I love how it can be so classic and so modern at the same time. Recently I … [Read more...]

Give builder-grade cabinets a custom look with Kristi from I Should Be Mopping The Floor

I am blown away by this cabinet upgrade. I would never have thought you could make a builder-grade cabinet look so great! I think you guys will all be amazed with the following tutorial as well. ***** Hi, y'all! It's Kristi from I Should Be Mopping The Floor. So happy to be hanging out with my friend, Allison, over here at House of Hepworths. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Allison at Blissdom in March and we had such a blast. We are both native Austinites and have a passion for DIY fun {but you probably already knew that about her!}. Over at my place, we're … [Read more...]

Lemon Crinkle Cookie recipe by Tanya from twelveOeight (guest post)

Let's wrap up this week o' guest bloggers with a cookie recipe that had my mouth watering the second I saw the picture. Tanya from twelveOeight is sharing Lemon Crinkle Cookies with you, and this one looks so delish I suggest you just pin it right.this.second. ***** Hello fellow HOH readers! My name is Tanya and I am super excited to be sharing  one of my all-time favorite cookie recipes with you today. Most days you can find me chasing toddlers around, crafting and creating  at twelveOeight.  I would love for you to stop by and say … [Read more...]