The kids’ bathroom mirror gets framed

The past few weeks I've been working on renovating the kids' bathroom. Today I'm going to show you how I framed out their mirror. I have never framed out a mirror before so I ended up putting it off in our house for more than two years. After completing one all I have to say is, dude, this is pretty darn easy. Expect me to go on a tangent and frame out all the mirrors in this house over the next month. Such a huge difference. I can't even believe how much of a difference this simple update has made. Just to recap, so far I've shared my plans for the bathroom complete with a … [Read more...]

Chair rail in the family room and breakfast nook

The last several weeks I've devoted to getting half-finished projects wrapped up and checked off the to-do list. I'm great at going full steam and starting a project. Finishing the project? NotSoMuch. I'm a 90-percent-er. I get about 90% of the work done and then get distracted with a shiny new fun project. I'm like a dog who sees a squirrel. Totally focused and then all of a sudden,... "SQUIRREL!!" It's time to hunker down and get these loose ends wrapped up. Even if I literally die of boredom. One of the projects that I've been putting off for months is finishing hanging … [Read more...]

Laundry Room face lift + How to install beadboard

My laundry room and I go way back. We've been through so much together: floods, venting issues, stacking and unstacking the washer and dryer. It seems I just can't make up my mind with the configuration of this poor room. It's plenty big enough to be both a mud room and a laundry room, yet it feels overwhelmingly suffocating at the same time. Several months ago I got sick of the current placement of the washer and dryer, so I bought a stacking kit and a bunch of new hoses and power cords. The appliances were then moved down the wall about 8' and stacked. One thing about … [Read more...]

3 projects; 1 post. Tackling the foyer.

Would you believe me if I said I checked off THREE more projects from my to-do list?! Well, guess what? I did. For realz. I have now checked Projects 17, 18, and 22 off my list. What? Oh, you want to know what those projects are?! Okay, sure I'll elaborate. I have finished: Project 17: Replace light fixture in foyer. Project 18: Finish painting foyer. Project 22: Replace light bulb on front porch. Project 22 is a no-brainer so I don't have any "after" pictures for you. But Projects 17 & 18 were quite the ordeal, so I've got loads of photos of the process to … [Read more...]

Piano room phase 3 – finishing the box moulding

The past week I've been working on updating my piano room. The goal is to go from this: To something like this: I started my room makeover by priming the walls here and then I hung all the moulding here. The room is {finally} basically done - ie: the "bones" of the room are pretty much finished. I've got a few little things left to do, but the hard part is over and now I get to focus on decorating! So, how did the room turn out you ask?! I think it turned out better than my crappy GIMP drawing at least! Here's a side-by-side comparison. … [Read more...]

Piano room makeover, phase 2 How to Hang Box Moulding

The saga continues! Tuesday I showed you my in-progress piano room makeover. My goal is to go from this to this:    Once I finally finished priming the walls (omg that was torture!), I hung some moulding around the windows, hung chair rail, and hung box moulding. I am so excited about the way this room is coming along!!! This project is crazy messy though. I'm knee deep in chaos over here! To hang the chair rail I first needed to figure out what height to hang it at. I finally decided that I liked it at about 32". I created a "jig" type … [Read more...]