Command Hooks for the win!

I can't believe I forgot to share this simple storage solution with you guys. This is from our last house in Austin before we moved to Denver (oh man, I miss that kitchen!). I took some command hooks and stuck them inside the cabinet where I store the kitchenaid mixer. Now I can hang all the attachments so I can easily find them yet they are out of the way. Do you have any really amazing storage solutions for your kitchen? I'd love to hear them! … [Read more...]

Takes the CAKE

Ah-freaking-dorable. Wonderfully Wordy takes the cake! (Literally!!!) Shelley's done it again. Gah, I can't take it. I MUST BUY ONE. (I'm gonna order the Subway art one.) *Disclaimer: Shelley is not an advertiser at HoH. I am simply promoting this because I saw it and flipped out because it's so freaking adorable. … [Read more...]

No More Metal!

Swoon. Look what I just stumbled across: (Image borrowed from The Pioneer Woman) Please tell me you can purchase just the glass bowl. I HAVE to have the glass bowl. (The red mixer would be fabulous as well, but I've already got a white one.) Did I mention that I just literally HAVE to have the glass bowl or I may die?! I'm sure these have been around for who knows how long, but they are new to me! I had NO IDEA! ***A few minutes later...*** I Googled it so that you wouldn't have to do my dirty work for me. {You are Welcome.} Thank you very much Bed, Bath, … [Read more...]