Takes the CAKE


Wonderfully Wordy takes the cake! (Literally!!!)

Shelley’s done it again. Gah, I can’t take it.


(I’m gonna order the Subway art one.)

*Disclaimer: Shelley is not an advertiser at HoH. I am simply promoting this because I saw it and flipped out because it’s so freaking adorable.


No More Metal!


Look what I just stumbled across:

(Image borrowed from The Pioneer Woman)

Please tell me you can purchase just the glass bowl.

I HAVE to have the glass bowl.

(The red mixer would be fabulous as well, but I’ve already got a white one.)

Did I mention that I just literally HAVE to have the glass bowl or I may die?!

I’m sure these have been around for who knows how long, but they are new to me! I had NO IDEA!

***A few minutes later…***

I Googled it so that you wouldn’t have to do my dirty work for me. {You are Welcome.}

Thank you very much Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Here are a few more options of places that you can purchase your very own glass bowl.

If you want your very own mixer with the glass bowl, I found it HERE.

Is it just me or does the scraping of a metal spoon in a metal bowl send shivers down your spine? OMG, that SOUND is like nails on a chalk board – or worse, it’s like chewing foil when you have metal fillings in your mouth (don’t ask, mmm-kay…).

The only metal bowls I own are the two that attach to my mixer. I got rid of every metal bowl in my house. I literally canNOT take that sound. If I were ever captured and was going to be tortured for information, all they would need to do is grab a metal bowl and metal spoon and start clanking them together. I’d talk before the spoon hit the bowl. Just the thought that I might have to hear that sound sends me into convulsions.

And now I can have a glass bowl. No more metal.

Kitchenaid, I didn’t think it was possible to love you any more than I already did.

But now I do.

*This post is NOT sponsored by The Pioneer Woman, Kitchenaid, or Bed, Bath, & Beyond. This is my personal opinion.*

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