Easy Lamp Shade Update

In an attempt to try to get one step closer to finishing my daughter's room, I updated her lamp. It was so easy it's almost not even worth a tutorial! My daughter has this basic chrome lamp with a hot pink shade from Target. It seemed a little boring, so I just added some orange ribbon to the shade to help match her recently finished curtains. To add a little bling to the shade I just took some leftover ribbon... ...and attached it to the shade with double-sided tape. I started and ended at the seam along the back of the shade. For added bond I added a … [Read more...]

How to recover a lamp shade

Last October I found these brand new lamps from Target over at my favorite Goodwill. I've been using them as-is, but the reason Target donated them to the GW in the first place is because their shades are all dented and dinged up. Plus, let's just be honest here. This teal is not cutting it in my family room. I've been using the lamp on the {ugly} desk in my family room, and the teal is making my favorite art look bad (as is the desk and chair, but I digress). However, I have no intention in purchasing a new shade for a lamp I bought at GW in the first place, so I … [Read more...]

The pink fluffy poodle lamp; or, I found another use for all those leftover coffee filters

Hey Peeps! Did you have a fantastic Easter? We spent the long weekend chilaxin' in a lazy river at a resort in San Antonio with some hotel points we had burning a hole in our pocket. Pure.Heaven. So, 'member that Coffee Filter Wreath I made? {How could you NOT remember because of it's sheer awesomeness?} Well, in case you are just itchin' to check out that tutorial, here's my Big Chunky Plumpy Funky Somethin' Somethin' Coffee Filter Wreath again. Okay, so anyway... I said I had a few about 250 filters left over from that ring-o-awesomeness... Is the suspense just killing … [Read more...]