Blogging Around the Christmas Tree + a LINK PARTY!

Remember last week when I mentioned a par-tay I was going to be a part of? You know, the one called Blogging Around the Christmas Tree?

Ring a bell?

Well, I hope you have had a fun time so far visiting all these fun blogs to see what they’ve been up to.

So far we’ve had Christmas Cards, Holiday Accessories, & Wreaths. Today it’s my turn to share a Craft.

Don’t forget to visit the other bloggers participating in this series over the next few days for Christmas-Scapes, Party Attire, Christmas Trees, & Christmas Yummies.

Today I’m going to share how to make these adorable {and crafty!} Terra Cotta Pot Christmas Trees!


This tutorial will show how to make the 3-pot tall trees. To make the 4-pot tall tree, just add an additional larger pot to the bottom.

First you’ll need to gather your supplies…

* 3″ pot
* TWO 4″ pots
* 6″ pot
* 6″ saucer
* Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue
* glitter
* Spray Paint – Krylon Olive & Krylon Leather Brown
* Primer (spray or paint)
* Acrylic Paint – Americana Santa Red
* red sequins

First things first, you must prime your pots (boring, but necessary). I used a brush and painted the primer on all of them, but spray paint primer will work great as well. The saucer needs it on both sides, but the pots only need primer on the outside and the bottom.


Once the primer is dry, spray paint one of the 4″ pots with the brown spray paint. This will be the stump of the tree. Set this aside until the end.


Next, tape off the lip of each remaining pot. Spray paint the 3 pots with the Olive spray paint (or whatever color you want your tree to be). Make sure to paint the underside of each pot as well.


When the green paint is dry, remove your tape.

Using Mod-Podge or Elmer’s glue, paint the edges of the pots and then sprinkle on the glitter.



Work in small sections. Paint the glue, add glitter, paint more glue, add more glitter.


When the glitter is dry it’s time to add your embellishments. I’m going to free-hand some red dots all over the pots.


When the dots were dry I coated them a 2nd time so they would be more vibrant. While they were still wet I put a sequin in the middle of each dot. It’s glued on by the wet paint.


Wait again. This time for the red paint to dry.

Now it’s time to stack them!

Turn your brown pot upside down and set it where you want your Christmas tree to sit.

Place the saucer UPSIDE DOWN on top of the brown pot. Starting with your largest pot, stack each post upside down one on top of the other to form the tree.

For the topper I spray painted a metal napkin ring yellow and coated it in glitter.

*NOTE* I did not glue the pots together. I would recommend keeping this away from small children and pets that can knock it over. You can glue them together if you’d like, but I like to keep them separate so that I can nest them after Christmas for easier storage.

These were originally posted last year. To can see the original posts here, here, and here.

Now it’s time for you to link up YOUR Christmas & Holiday Crafts!! Woop woop.

If you’ve crafted anything for any holiday related to December, please feel free to link up your project for everyone else to enjoy! This party will be open until Tuesday (Dec 13th) night.

Blogging around the Christmas Tree {8 link parties for you}

Hey guys! Well, it’s December. And you know there’s always a party, or twenty five, in December. :)

Beginning this Tuesday, December 6th, I’ll be participating in a two-week Christmas celebration with these great bloggers:

Each blogger will share a project or post related to their theme, and will then open up her post for a LINK PARTY!! Start getting your posts ready so you can come share your projects with everyone!

Tues 12/6: share your Christmas Cards @ The 36th Avenue.
Homemade, handmade, or professionally done are all welcome!

Wed 12/7: share your Holiday Accessories @ La Vie Petite.
Scarves, mittens, brooches, antlers…if you can wear it to show your holiday cheer, we want to see it! It doesn’t have to be red or green either. We’d love to see your modern twists on classic looks!

Thurs 12/8: share your Wreaths @ Biblical Homemaking.
Fresh, fake, fabric, feathers…the options are endless, and we want to see them all!

Mon 12/12: share your Christmas Crafts Here @ House of Hepworths.
Kid-friendly or just for you, we’re dying to see your Christmas craftiness!

Tues 12/13: share your Christmas-scapes @ It’s Overflowing.
Tables, mantles, shelves…if you can display a Christmas scene on it, it counts!

Wed 12/14: share your Party Attire @ Momma Go Round.
Haul out your party frocks and strike a pose because Christmas party season is in full-swing! Even if you don’t have a party to attend, you can link up a “What I Wish I’d Worn” post or inspiration board.

Fri 12/16: share your Christmas Trees @ Five days;5 ways.
Show us your Popsicle stick ornaments, vintage baubles, and tree-toppers! We’re ready to be dazzled.

Mon 12/19: share your Christmas Yummies @ The Lovely Cupboard.
Share your recipes, and show us why Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for taste-buds!

8 awesomespice bloggers; 8 fun themes; 1 awesome blog party!

I’m really looking forward to all the cool holiday posts. I hope you can make it. If you don’t have a project to link up, please at least stop by to check out everyone else’s projects.

Spread the word and join the fun. Grab a button {below} and paste it at the bottom of your post, so everyone will know you are partying like a rockin’ reindeer with us.


* Thanks to Five days;5 ways for putting this party together!

Room Re-do’s 2010

* Hookin’ Up with HoH will be posted tonight, but not at 8pm CST like usual. It will be up by 9:30pm CST. *

Lettered Cottage (love her!) is having a link party called

A Few of My Favorite: Room Re-Do’s 2010

I’ve compiled all the room overhauls I’ve done this past year for you to enjoy in one easy to find location (’cause I’m nice like that. And ’cause I want to link it to Layla’s awesome party!)

Most of my renovation posts are from our previous home (now on the market if you want a home in Dallas, Tx!). Here are all our Duncan Drive home renos:

Master Bathroom renovation (in our previous home)

Before & After

Before & After

(I did ALL the tile work – and everything else you see – 95% ALL BY MYSELF. I’m more proud of this bathroom than any other room I’ve ever tackled.)

Family Room renovation:

We took our family room from this to this:

Before & After:

And we also added new chunky baseboards to the family room:

I also patched some tile from the kitchen to the family room that previously was carpet:

Before & After:

Update the 2nd Bath:

Before & After:

Update the Closet with Paint:

Before & After:

Remove a wall and cabinets:

Before & After:

At the beginning of August we moved into our new home in Austin, Texas!

So far, since we’ve moved into the new house I’ve…

Obsessed about remodeling our stairs
(haven’t done it yet but I’m gearing up for it)

Somewhat decorated my Family Room
(still working on it!)

Fixed a water leak and patched a hole in the closet

Hung pictures on my staircase wall

And my favorite renovation in our new house…

Added moulding to our piano room

There you have it! My Room Re-Do’s for 2010!

She’s having several parties, so get ready to see A Few Of My Favorite: Room Re-do’s, Tutorials, Thrifty Tips, & Blog Posts over the next week or so.

Thanks Layla for the small kick in the booty that I needed to sit down and write this round-up post.

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