An unexpected Master Bathroom renovation, phase 1

Welp, I guess I'm doing a renovation in our master bathroom! Just last week Ben and I were talking about our list of needed renovations in this house and prioritized them all. The master bath desperately needs a cosmetic update, but we decided to put it towards the bottom of the list. We'd rather get all the floors refinished and install a new pretty kitchen. Of course, as soon as you make a statement like, "the bathroom should be added to the very bottom of the list", the universe throws a curve ball at you and basically says, "Oh ya?! Hold my beer." Here is our bathroom just after we … [Read more...]

Fresh paint in the master bathroom

I painted our master bathroom a year ago, and realized today that I never posted about it here. I wrote a post about it for True Value's blog (original post here) but never ended up mentioning it here on my blog. I gave our master bathroom a paint makeover. The small bathroom was previously painted a shade of salmon, an orangy redish color: Paint is such a personal decision, and there are no wrong paint colors! The rule is, if you love it, and you love living in the space, then the color is perfect for YOU. I'll admit though, I am not keen on this salmon color, so it had to go! … [Read more...]

Hooks are hung, stuff is organized.

I guess since I posted about the guest bathroom yesterday I'll just segue into a post about some organizational stuff I've done in all the bathrooms. Let's start with the kids' bathroom since it is by far the worst/messiest disaster of a bathroom in the house. If I didn't know better I'd say the kids have been raised in a barn. Here's their tub/shower. Are you picking up a mess vibe? Ya? Me too. In their defense, they simply cannot reach any type of shower organizer that hangs from the shower head. They are kids. Kids are not tall. They also can't reach the window ledge or the towel … [Read more...]

Master bathroom update (new towel hooks)

A long time ago I showed you my bathroom. And it pretty much still looks the exact same as it did a year and a half ago. The room is nice enough that it hasn't warranted an immediate makeover (I've had bigger fish to fry), it's just boring. Builder beige walls, builder beige tile, etc. There is one serious flaw though that has driven me nuts. The room is seriously lacking anywhere to hang wet towels. They usually get hung over the shower door or even worse, over our actual doors. I've pretty much lived with this nonsense for 2+ years. I'd finally had enough. I was at Home … [Read more...]

Bathroom and kitchen updates [6 new faucets]

Last weekend Ben and I ran a marathon. Well, not really ran. And we did it barefoot. I didn't even put a sports bra on. In fact, our marathon didn't involve running at all. Instead, it involved swapping out 6 awful builder-grade faucets for new only-slightly-more-expensive replacements. I say "marathon" because it literally took us all day and any amount of mental strength we could muster up. I wanted to quit several times. But we endured and get 'er done. Most of the day Ben spent on his back under a sink. It was really hard for me to refrain from poking or tickling him … [Read more...]

Messing with the shower (b/c I obviously have loads of extra time to waste)

This is our shower situation goin' on... (not to be confused with THE Situation) (Shower mat tutorial here) Looks pretty nice. But there's something wrong. Can you figure it out? I'll give you a hint. We are using a random over-the-door basket organizer inside our shower instead of a shower caddy around the shower head. I mean, seriously, we have a perfectly good shower head right there just begging for a nice organized shower caddy. But do you see that little soap dish all up on the shower head's grill there? It's so close to the head that a shower caddy … [Read more...]

Against better judgement, I’m showing you my Bedroom

I seriously scored the best deal at Goodwill last week. I really want to show you!! But that would involve showing you my Master Bedroom. Trust me, there's a reason I've been too mortified to show you this room. Oh hell, let's just get it over with, shall we? Here's my horribly embarrassing, hideous, and completely undecorated Master Bedroom. See? I told you I had a good reason for avoiding sharing this room at all costs with you. There are so many things wrong with this room that it's easier to point out what's right. Which is pretty much the... um... er... is there … [Read more...]