IKEA hacks galore! A roundup of all HOH IKEA hack projects

After publishing my most recent Ikea hack I realized I have quite a few IKEA hacks here on the ol' blog. Check out some of the amazing things you can do with cheap IKEA products, some elbow grease, and lots of creativity! *This HOH roundup includes hacks only. If I included every post with an IKEA product in it I may as well repost my entire blog! ha! … [Read more...]

Totally awesome HUGE mirror made from shims (DIY mirror project)

How many projects have you pinned and actually followed through and finished? I can probably count on one hand how many projects on my Pinterest to-do list I've actually done. Well I'm here to report I actually followed through and made a project I pinned on pinterest. I am as shocked as you. My friend Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating made the most awesome mirror almost TWO years ago. And almost two years ago I pinned that sucker so quick. I just had to make one. It only took almost two years, but I've made the mirror and I'm thrilled to bits about it. Here's my HUGE 4-foot in diameter … [Read more...]

Ombre Mirrors Tutorial {pink & orange}

I am so so so so so excited to share this next project with you! Did I mention I am really excited? Ahem. Now that we've got that cleared up... I've been working on my 8 year old daughter's room for oh um, like, forever. In January of this year I hung some shelves in her room and drug in an extra sofa table I had. Since then I've done tons of other stuff to her room, but nothing to this little dressing area. Until today. Dun, dun, dun. I want her to have an area where she can sit down and have a little table/desk area for all her primping. This child loves to … [Read more...]

A beachy makeover on my mirror

Back in September I was inspired by a photo I found in the Pottery Barn catalog. Basically it was to add a mirror to this gold frame: Even though it was inspired by Pottery Barn, I just never have loved it. The gold is too yellow for me and I'm not really a "gold" person anyway. My mantra lately has been to "add more color" around my house. I always play it safe with neutral colors, but it's so fun to see a brightly painted piece in a room. I've already "added more color" recently by painting my entry table Avocado: I love having color in my house so much that I decided to … [Read more...]

Hi, my name is Allison and I’m addicted to Monograms.

Let's talk Monograms. I'm a little obsessed. I love them. I just can't help myself! Is there a support group or a 12-step program for monogram addiction? Here are a few monograms I've got goin' on around the hood... I planted a great big H in the center of my entry way mirror. I added a beautiful H monogram to a candle. I made this adorable plate... And of course my soap dispenser. I love this thing! Let's not forget my fun knife block! I also like to plaster everything with my full last name... Here's a cooler I repainted: And my … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn inspiration

Well, the new Pottery Barn catalog has arrived! As I flipped through the pages wishing I could afford everything, I came across this picture. Swoon. How could you not love Pottery Barn? Now, look past the beautiful centerpiece on the coffee table. And past the inviting white couch. Do you see the mirrors? Yup, these ones... The wooden one is listed and you can order it, but the gold one is no where to be found in the magazine. But that didn't stop me! I instantly realized I had almost the exact same frame in my stash. (I think the frame came from … [Read more...]