Easy DIY matching M&M costumes

For Halloween this year my daughter and her friend want to be "matching cute M&M girls". They had it all worked out in their minds, all I had to do was take them to the costume store to buy some accessories and then make M&M shirts using my Silhouette Cameo. I think they turned out pretty darn cute if you ask me! If you'd like to recreate this costume, here are the accessories: Hair bow, fish net gloves, tulle tutu, t-shirt. They paired the entire outfit with some black leggings. To make the shirts I dusted off my Silhouette Cameo, found the M&M logo on google, … [Read more...]

Stenciled Monogram Soap Pump {Mother’s Day gift}

You guys ready for another craft? How about a Dollar Store Craft?! Well, look no further. May I present the most simple Dollar Store Craft on planet earth: Start by buying a soap pump at the Dollar Store. Using a stencil, dab paint onto the soap pump. I used a very light blue so the Monogram overlay would show up better. Let this dry really well. Now take a Monogram stencil and dab more paint on. This seems pretty obvious, but you are going to want to punch out the inner part of the letter first. ;) I used the new Martha Stewart Crafts craft paint which … [Read more...]

Make your own Mini Monogram Pedestal

I am so stinkin' excited about these Mini Monogram Pedestals. I love how they turned out! This is such an easy project and would be a great Mother's Day gift. To make your very own Mini Monogram Pedestals you need the following supplies: Martha Stewart Crafts Supplies: Raspberry Ice Craft Paint Habanero Craft Paint Carrot Craft Paint Jonquil Craft Paint Surf Craft Paint Paint Brush Set Other Supplies: 3" piece of wood (mine are 3" x 2.5") Mini Candlesticks Strong bonding glue (I used Gorilla Glue) Silhouette Cameo Black Vinyl and transfer paper sandpaper clear … [Read more...]

Hi, my name is Allison and I’m addicted to Monograms.

Let's talk Monograms. I'm a little obsessed. I love them. I just can't help myself! Is there a support group or a 12-step program for monogram addiction? Here are a few monograms I've got goin' on around the hood... I planted a great big H in the center of my entry way mirror. I added a beautiful H monogram to a candle. I made this adorable plate... And of course my soap dispenser. I love this thing! Let's not forget my fun knife block! I also like to plaster everything with my full last name... Here's a cooler I repainted: And my … [Read more...]

Frosted monogrammed mirror tutorial

I busted out my Silhouette machine and some frosted vinyl and I cut out a big honkin' huge "H". When it was done cutting (after like 3 seconds - the machine is fast) I peeled away the excess and was left with a beautiful monogram. Using the Transfer Paper I slapped my new Monogram to my mirror in my entryway (the same one that usually houses my Martha Inspired Wreath). I peeled away the Transfer Paper, and viola... Now I'm left with a Frosted Monogram on my mirror. I'm swooning. Look! I'm swooning. Can't you tell?! Um, yah-no. This picture was too … [Read more...]

Adding vinyl to candles for a custom look

Here's a fun easy project I made recently with my Silhouette machine: I showed you this new shelf the other day: Did you notice my new candle? Looks expensive, hua! Nope. It's a WalMart candle that I added vinyl to cut from my Silhouette Machine! I found this cute letter and square around the letter at the Silhouette store. I just downloaded it and cut it out. It took me about 5 seconds. And it's darling and looks like I bought it at some overpriced upscale store. I also found a flourish at their store and added it to these two candles on my … [Read more...]

Personalizing a few Caboodles

This year for Christmas I bought all the girl kids in my family a Caboodle from Amazon. {Images courtesy of Amazon.com} Don't they totally remind you of 1990? I had a pink one that I got for my 5th birthday. I lurved it!! What little girl wouldn't want a Caboodle? I ordered 4 of them. I have a sister who is 10, twin nieces who are 8, and a daughter who is 6. They are all going to flip because they are all girlie-girls. I even bought some nail polish and chapsticks to hide inside them. So anyway, I wanted to make them a little more personalized with their name in a … [Read more...]