35 uses for IKEA’s VARIERA plastic bag dispenser

As you probably know, IKEA is one of my favorite stores. They have so many great products and many of their products are perfect for altering or "hacking". IKEA's VARIERA plastic bag holder is no exception. This versatile product can be used in literally dozens of different ways. Here's the basic VARIERA plastic bag holder from IKEA. It's purpose is to hold plastic grocery bags. This item is great as-is, hung in a kitchen, mud room, or laundry room. BUT! There are also so many other really cool uses for the VARIERA plastic bag holder. This item gets pretty darn creative when you … [Read more...]

Make your own drawer dividers/organizers

I can't believe I forgot to show you this awesome project in our last house. I was going through old photos and came across these and had such a doh! moment when I realized I never shared this. So, for those trying to keep up with every place we've ever lived, this was our 2nd house in Austin (our country house), before we moved here to Colorado. And to confuse you even more, this was post-renovation on our kitchen in that house. And just to make things even more interesting, Ben's company just went through a merger and his company was the one getting bought out, so now things are … [Read more...]

IKEA hacks galore! A roundup of all HOH IKEA hack projects

After publishing my most recent Ikea hack I realized I have quite a few IKEA hacks here on the ol' blog. Check out some of the amazing things you can do with cheap IKEA products, some elbow grease, and lots of creativity! *This HOH roundup includes hacks only. If I included every post with an IKEA product in it I may as well repost my entire blog! ha! … [Read more...]

Organizing in the kitchen: bakeware

Now that our kitchen is finally totally finished (minus painting some baseboards), I have gotten busy trying to make it organized. Today I'm tackling the cabinet above the microwave: This cabinet is perfect for tall items like cookie sheets and cake pans. Instead of stacking them all on top of one another I think they would be easier to find and use if they are stacked upright in a row. I headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and picked up two of these mesh organizer racks (similar can be found here). When I got back home I tested them out and they fit perfectly! I screwed them … [Read more...]

The multi-purpose dining room

The dining room has been a thorn in my side since we moved in. I knew moving into the house that I had no real idea for the actual use of this room. I'm grateful to have the additional space, but it's been difficult to nail down an actual purpose for it. All I knew going in is that the piano has to be in this room. There is literally no other spot for it in the house. Because we downsized into a smaller home we also ended up with too much stuff and not enough space, so the dining room became the catch-all: In october I went on a decrapification spree and got rid of a ton of stuff. I was … [Read more...]

Less is more [removing shelving in the pantry]

I won't lie, we have a pretty fab pantry. At least the size of it is pretty fab, though I'm not a fan of the wire shelving. After living here 6 months though, I've kinda started to figure out what works for me in this house and what annoys me. What annoys me about this pantry are 1) it's not technically in the kitchen, which means I have to walk farther (I can't fix this issue though), 2) the wire shelves are obnoxious (I can and will handle that issue in the future, but it's not high on the priority list), and 3) The rear left and right corners are like dark abysses where food goes to … [Read more...]

Organizing M&M’s (Medicine & Markers)

Why is January the "Get Organized" month? What sparks this frenzy in almost every human on earth? Personally, for me, I think I have this urge to purge and organize in January because of all the holiday chaos from Halloween to New Years. There's just so many holidays in a short period of time. Too many crafts, too much stuff purchased, too many gifts. By the time January rolls around I'm so glad the October-December marathon is finally o.v.e.r. that I can't wait to just get rid of it all. Get rid of every last stitch of holiday decor. Get rid of old toys to make room for all the new … [Read more...]